CS Bright launches OBOL series of 7-segment LED displays

May 18, 2010
Date Announced: 18 May 2010 CS Bright Corporation is proudly to announce the release of market leading 7 Segments LED Display called “OBOL” series. It will be available in the market soon; the estimated MP time is in Q2 2010.)The characteristics of OBOL series are high brightness, outstanding vivid colors, perfect color consistency and incredibly reliable. It can be applied in control panels of home appliances, automotive meter panels, high-end equipment/instrument, and electric display board… etc, to enhance the value adding of the products.OBOL series uses High-Performance “OGAN” blue chip which is a technological cooperated invention by Nichia and OPTOTECH, along with Nichia’s patented high efficiency, low intensity declined phosphor. It is authorized and exempt from Nichia Chemical, so the customers are allowed to promote and sell OBOL series including products with OBOL series in Japan. OBOL series used Pb-Free material, it is 100% RoHS complied. To be a step ahead of others please contact CS Bright immediately.CS Bright Corporation (formerly called China Semiconductor Corp) was founded in 1973 and currently a sub-company of OPTOTECH Group, who provides customer with wide choice of LED components and customized LED displays. CS Bright Corporation offers specialty in tailor made design and professional technical advice and support on all LED Packaging/Lighting products, business coverage across Asia, America, South Africa, Europe and Oceania, with more than 10 authorized reseller points. The factory is located in China Hangzhou with 800 employees. CS Bright Corp products are 100% Pb-Free and RoHS complied.OGAN® is a registered trademark used for Semiconductor Power Elements and Semiconductor Memories and owned by Nichia Corporation.

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