NATO goes nav-comm Kojak LED beacons

May 13, 2010
Date Announced: 13 May 2010 The latest NATO Ambulances that can be called to operate in nearly any part of the world have been fitted with nav-comm Kojak LED Beacons. The nav-comm low profile Kojak LED Beacon means that the NATO vehicles will fit into an aircraft without the Kojak beacon having to be removed and also means that branches of trees are less likely to damage, or dislodge the beacon during operational use.The Kojak LED solid state electronics should last longer than the vehicle itself.The low power requirement of Kojak Beacon reduces alternator strain & is less likely to flatten the NATO vehicles battery.The Kojak Airport isophase light pattern increases safety when operating around aircraft and still works well on roads.The Kojak Base is produced in reinforced Nylon and the top lens of UV stabilised Polycarbonate. nav-comm have already been producing the same Kojak LED Beacon in iR at both 850nm and 940nm.A number of other LED products from nav-comm are under development and testing. These include Bar lights for larger vehicles. Vehicle Headlamps to ECE specifications for road use. Work Lamps........and more. All the nav-comm LED products will be required to operate in any part of the world with extreme temperature ranges and hostile environments.nav-comm is a family owned business specialising in the design and manufacture of vehicle products exclusively for the Emergency Services around the world.

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