NNCrystal US Corporation announces color-free, heavy-metal-free nanophosphor technology

May 6, 2010
Date Announced: 06 May 2010 NNCrystal US Corporation will be unveiling new lighting technology at the LIGHTFAIR International tradeshow in Las Vegas, May 12 – 14th 2010. This will be the first time that NNCrystal introduces products based on two new technologies, Qshift Coral* and Qshift Lucid* to the commercial lighting industry. NNCrystal, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hangzhou Najing Technology company, and an exclusive licensee of a decade of advanced materials synthesis technology and know-how from NN-Labs LLC, is a pioneer in the production and processing of high quality colloidal nanocrytals, and an innovator focused on delivering cutting edge advanced materials’ solutions in LED lighting. As energy consumption accelerates with unsustainable consequences to our world, NNCrystal is bringing to the lighting industry color quality solutions having increased energy efficiency with superior benefits that use only a fraction of the resources compared to existing lighting solutions. With the ability to finely tune light, Qshift Coral uses conventional colloidal nanocrystals (quantum dots) that allow the color of the light to be precisely controlled. Qshift Coral technology makes the lighting warmer and with improved light quality, while reducing its energy consumption for the same Lumen output compared with traditional phosphor-based warm white lighting. Qshift Lucid is unique patented technology that is heavy metal free and a high performance and color-free alternative to existing rare-earth phosphor materials. Qshift Lucid represents a new paradigm for the commercial lighting industry and offers superior optical performance and greater design flexibility while eliminating the use of toxic materials such as cadmium and mercury. Both Qshift Coral and Qshift Lucid are engineered to deliver the desired Lumen output and color with minimal re-absorption. These breakthrough technologies from NNCrystal are leading the way forward with energy and materials efficiency for the architectural and commercial lighting products industry. NNCrystal works with leading luminaire manufacturers to develop and deliver custom solutions that maximize energy efficiency and light quality. Products based on Qshift Coral and Qshift Lucid technologies will be on display at lead adopter Renaissance Lighting’s booth #1721 at LIGHTFAIR International 2010. “We are very pleased to have Renaissance Lighting as an early adopter of our Qshift technologies in their products. Their unwavering commitment to delivering optimal performance along with the best look in solid-state lighting was a key motivation for us,” said Dr. Suresh Sunderrajan, President of NNCrystal US Corporation. “By combining Qshift technology with Renaissance Lighting’s patented Constructive Occlusion® optical technology, we can produce a light form that offers superior gains in lumen efficacy, while minimizing color shift and light absorption,” said CEO Barry Weinbaum, “Renaissance Lighting defined ’THE LOOK’ of solid-state lighting by cost-effectively hiding the harshness of LEDs from direct view and delivering a glare-free appearance for white and color-changing luminaires. We are very excited to now become the first LED lighting manufacturer to introduce this new, revolutionary phosphor-centric approach as we create a paradigm shift for delivering the most energy and optically efficient solutions to all types of lighting.” About NNCrystal US CorporationNNCrystal US Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hangzhou Najing Technology Ltd. and an exclusive licensee of advanced materials synthesis technology from NN-Labs LLC. NNCrystal is the owner of two patented technology platforms for solid state lighting applications - Qshift Lucid and Qshift Coral. NNCrystal is focused solely on leveraging its advanced materials capabilities to deliver breakthrough, differentiated and sustainable solutions to the global lighting industry. For more information, visit www.nncrystal.com.About NN-Labs, LLCNN-Labs, LLC is a leading developer of advanced functional materials including semiconductor, noble metal and magnetic metal oxide nanocrystals. NN-Labs’ patent-protected products have offered superior performance, highest quality and versatility for demanding research and teaching applications since 2003. NN-Labs is currently pursuing product-system commercialization opportunities in solid state lasers and life sciences. Additional information can be found at www.nn-labs.com.About Renaissance Lighting:Renaissance Lighting is a global leader in the development of next-generation solid-state architectural downlights and controls, the result of on-going breakthroughs in the application of LED technology and Constructive Occlusion®, a patented technology for the unique mixing and blending of multiple light sources. The company’s innovation and unrelenting commitment to green technology are key forces driving the development of highly creative lighting products that deliver the solid-state industry’s purest light source with exceptional appearance, superior efficiency and glare-free illumination for all architectural applications. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, USA, Renaissance Lighting deploys a revolutionary approach to product engineering and design that is supported by 34 patents including its optical and feedback control technologies.

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