LED illuminator for vision systems

May 22, 2010
Date Announced: 22 May 2010 RODER Electronics presents the new DL2 series of LED lightersfor direct illumination in machine vision applications, manualinspection, microscopes, optical equipment and general lighting.This series is designed with last generation LED, able to providehigh brightness, low consumption, high light output and anaverage lifetime of over 100,000 hours (equal to 11 years withcontinued use, or 15-16 years with intermittent use).Is possible to choose between different sizes (20 different sizesand configurations available) and different wavelengths. Customversions are also available with special features and customconfigurations.The DL2 series enclosure is made in anodized aluminium,derived from a single block of material, this features ensures agood aesthetic finish and a high heat dissipation from the LEDsand from electronic control circuits. The protection of the optics isdone with a plastic glass in polycarbonate with anti-scratch andanti-aging, removable and replaceable in case of damage.The cable connector allows quick and easy disconnection fromthe supply for maintenance or cleaning.The use of technology HTTM (High Thermal TransmissionMaterial - RODER Electronics Trademark) provides high heatdissipation, good colour stability and long operational life.All DL2 led lighters integrate the drivers for the stabilization of the LED current and allow to operate with 24 Vdc power supplydirectly, while maintaining constant light output and ensuring ahigh homogeneity of the light emission matrix.The small size of the lighter ensures to fit it in compact machinesand automatic production machines.

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