Priority LED leads US Department of Energy scoring

May 18, 2010
Date Announced: 18 May 2010 Priority LED has been the leader in LED technology bringing the highest quality LED replacement products to the market. This is confirmed by the position Priority LED's 4ft LED Tube holds as the highest Lumens per Watt product tested in the entire United States.The Department of Energy has created a platform for all manufacturers to submit their products after 3rd party testing. The products are available for all to see and verify that the results are not just claims by the manufacturers, but verified testing by independant testing laboratories."Priority LED has installed over 35,000 units of the 4ft tubes in case studies and actual sales, we have forged the highest quality product in the market" said Mr. Paul Prior President of Priority LED.The present product that Priority LED has on the Department of Energy's Lighting Fact website is the 15W 4,200 Kelvin 4ft tube. This product is presently producing 92 Lumens per Watt leading the Departments list of 560 products and 87 manufacturers."Priority LED is presently finalizing the new series of tube products with not only increased lumens, but a new heat sink design. The new tube series will have an output in the region of 104 Lumens per Watt with the highest standards in the industry," added Mr. Prior. "Part of our high standards is the tightly monitored 'Binning Policy' ensuring the consistancy of light output and color rendering from every product produced!" Mr. Prior assured.

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