Go Lighting introduces LED troffer light system

May 12, 2010
Date Announced: 12 May 2010 A must see breakthrough in energy effective lighting systems for industrial, commercial and institutional properties will be showcased in Booth # 2721 at Lightfair in Las Vegas this week. When asked what’s new, GO Lighting Technologies’ President Ron Content replied, “The new GO LED Troffer lighting system and it delivers more than 4,000 lumens at 60 watts and is designed, engineered and priced as an energy effective option to the habitually used fluorescent systems.” GO Lighting so meticulously designed and engineered the GO LED Troffer system that it confidently backs the product with a 5 year warranty. The GO LED Troffer product provides long life (up to 50,000 hours), non-flickering, no noise, natural lighting. It is dimmable, controllable and contains no mercury. It is compatible for inclusion into a building’s ‘intelligent’ automation lighting structure. It truly is an energy effective replacement for, or alternative to, fluorescent lighting. It can reduce electrical costs by 20% or more when compared to legacy fluorescent lighting, and generates substantially less heat, thus reducing HVAC costs. “But the real advantage is the quality of light it provides,” says Content. The GO LED Troffer system ‘feels’ like natural outdoor daylight. There is no flickering, no ballast noise, no EMI, UV or glare. The GO LED Troffer system reduces eyestrain, headaches and other workplace complaints most often associated with fluorescent lighting. “It really does provide a quality of light for quality of life experience,” said Content. The low profile of this smartly engineered system, designed to be installed in plenum space of 4”, mounts flush within a “T” bar ceiling. This Lighting Facts-registered product is a ‘green’ solution to the industrial, commercial and institutional lighting needs of today. It is RoHS compliant and there are no issues concerning product disposal. In addition, it attracts qualifying LEED points.For more on this and other GO LED lighting products click on the link - http://www.goenergyeffective.com/mediaroom/index.html About GO Lighting Technologies Inc.GO Lighting Technologies Inc. is a Toronto, Ontario Canada based company and Energy Star partner. As a market leader in LED generallighting, GO Lighting Technologies Inc. supplies energy effective lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications throughout the Americas. The products include award-winning GO FLL™ flat panel lighting, GO LED Troffer and GO LED Downlights. GO LED Troffer manufacturing is done in North America and is NAFTA certified. Customer Service is provided from its head office in Toronto and through its North American distribution network.

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