Dymax radiometer ensures consistent light curing

May 6, 2010
Date Announced: 06 May 2010 Although many UV and visible radiometers currently available have a wide range of sensitivity in the UVA through visible portions of the spectrum, their sensitivity levels may not effectively match at the specific narrow band frequencies emitted by LED curing systems. The new ACCU-CAL™ 50-LED radiometer from DYMAX Corporation addresses this condition and offers accurate intensity and dosage measurements for LED curing equipment.Consistent light-curing results require periodic monitoring of light energy intensity and dosage levels. The ACCU-CAL™ 50-LED radiometer is simple to operate and offers accurate measurement of curing energy. This radiometer can measure energy levels emitted from lightguides (3 mm, 5 mm, and 8 mm) and LED flood lamps. A spectral sensitivity range of 350 - 450 nm and intensity measurement from 1 mW/cm2 to 40 W/cm2 make this unit ideal for measuring LED curing-source energy levels. A specially designed photo-sensor assembly provides repeatable measurements and protection from high temperatures associated with some LED systems on the market. The unit is CE Marked and available globally.DYMAX Corporation is a leading technology-based company specializing in the formulation, manufacture, and service of advanced assembly adhesives, coatings, epoxies, masking resins, and light-curing systems.

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