Neo-Neon International Ltd. Introduces LED Neon Flex (Any View) 360° as Direct Replacement for Glass Neon

May 9, 2010
Date Announced: 09 May 2010 Dubai, UAE –– Neo-Neon, an industry leader in the production of LED based lighting solutions has once again come up with a revolutionary new product utilizing LED lights specifically designed to replace traditional glass neon.Glass neon, largely used for signage and decorative light source at entertainment venues has been around for a long time and has admittedly been a regular fixture in our lives in Dubai as we see it all around us in the form of dazzling billboard advertisements and multi colored store front signage. What most people don’t know is that glass neon is not really a good choice economically and environmentally as it has a lot of drawbacks to install and use. Highly specialized installers are needed and they usually have to wait up to a month before their suppliers finish the often labor intensive manufacturing process of their made to order designs before they can even begin the delicate installation work, as even a small crack might lead to scrapping the whole lot. As it is very fragile, it can be easily damaged during transit, installation and in rough weather. In terms of power consumption, glass neon approximately uses 8.75 watts per foot and needs unsafe high voltage transformers for it to function.LED Neon Flex (Any View) 360° is an innovative new product, created by Neo-Neon International Ltd. as a perfect substitute for glass neon. It is uniquely engineered to project light 360° around to emulate glass neon’s lighting effect from a point of source viewing perspective and a back glow effect. It is a bright as glass neon and available in a wide variety of colors. This makes LED Neon Flex (Any View) 360° an ideal replacement for glass neon. But compared to glass neon, LED Neon Flex (Any View) 360° which comes in rolls, is flexible and easy to cut and it does not require any special tools or training to shape or bend it into whatever complex angles needed as all of this can be done only by hand. Installation can be done within minutes, dramatically reducing labor costs and project lead time. LED Neon Flex (Any View) 360° is virtually indestructible as all the wirings and LEDs are encased in a clear weatherproof resin-like material which is very safe to handle and work with. It is also a lot more economical to use as it only consumes 1.27 watts of electricity per foot compared to 8.75 watts for glass neon. It is also environmentally safe as all materials used are non-toxic and does not contain Mercury and Phosphorus which are present in glass neon.Mr. Akira Saito, Branch General Manager of Dubai based Neo-Neon International LLC, the Middle East regional office of Neo-Neon International Ltd. said:“LED Neon Flex (Any View) 360° was designed to supplement and expand the Neo-Neon patented line of LED Neon Flex™ products. It greatly enhances the range and scope of applications of our product line which already includes the LED Neon Flex™, Neon Flex Plus and Neon Flex Pro.”Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd, an ISO 9001 certified organization was established in 1978 and is one of the world's largest manufacturers and supplier of architectural, decorative and entertainment LED lighting solutions employing over 25,000 employees across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Neo-Neon is dedicated not only to producing new and affordable products, but products that are made with the highest quality coupled with environmentally friendly features.

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