CAST Software releases wysiwyg R25 entertainment lighting simulation software

April 27, 2010
Date Announced: 27 Apr 2010 Following comprehensive beta testing, CAST Software announces the Members Only release of wysiwyg R25, the latest update which is being heralded industry-wide as a giant leap forward. “Our Beta Testers give us extremely valuable feedback,” says Gil Densham, President of CAST Software, “When we compiled the results from the Beta testing on R25 the response was an overwhelming thumbs-up. For CAST, it’s all about producing the best product for our Members. From the feedback, we truly believe R25 is the best Release ever.”In actual fact, this Release delivers the most new features and Library Additions – ever! A video showing R25 in action is available at is a list of some of those innovations, new features and Additions. New CAD Mode features:• Positioning Tools – now send to back and bring to front, and Alignment Tools• Text Toolbar – edit text just like your favourite word processing program• Polygon Tool• Cycle Selection – blaze through selecting items in the same plane• Select Fixtures on Hang Structures• Visual Indicators for Truss Assembly• New/more descriptive right-click options for truss assembly• Font Styles for DimensionsNew Design Mode features:• Pan and Tilt Locking for the Focus Designer Tool• All library items appear smoothNew Presentation Mode features• Locking Objects in Layouts• Text Toolbar (Layouts and New Plots)• Alignment Tools (Layouts and New Plots)Enhancements to Layouts in Presentation Mode• Zoom Layouts & Content Windows using the mouse wheel• Copy and Paste items within Layouts• Assign colours in Legends• New alignment options in Worksheet Item Properties• Option to modify corners of Rounded Rectangles• Easily create perfect circles, rectangles and 45 degree angles • Speed and stability optimizations for New Plots• Delete Rows and Columns in WorksheetsNew Camera features• View Locking• Hotkeys for switching camera views • Save Shaded View as a New CameraNew 3rd Party application extension• Luminair’s, iPhone and iPod Touch - wysiwyg applications Build ability can download fixture point of views to handheld devices, such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now you are able to see what a certain fixture’s focus should look like and can turn the particular light on/off from the remote location viewer, leading to download and trigger abilities for looks.LED Walls• Video can now be displayed on LED walls and split into sub sources Video• Properties tab of LED Wall allows modification of image/video source and intensity• LED Walls are selectable in Design Mode• LED Walls are now up to 4x brighter in Shaded View• Generic video projector added to the LibraryReleases are free to current Members. In fact, being a Member is the only way to get fully operational software. Members will also be pleased with the Library Additions included with the R25 release. In fact, the wysiwyg Library is bigger than ever! wysiwyg R25 includes loads of hot new fixtures and the truss, gobos and accessories you need to do your show right. R25 introduces the Clay Paky Alpha 700 series, MAC 250 Beam, expands the GLP Impression range and more. Over 30 new fixtures, 130 Gobos and 30 Truss pieces have been added. At the time of the R25 Beta release, our automated fixtures alone number almost 700 different fixtures! Improvements to the LED engine mean that many LED fixtures such as Element Labs’ Versa Tubes and Tiles will run faster than ever and look even more realistic.Over 90 new symbols for Blinders and Film lights will give you a better representation in all views!• Automated Fixtures: 19• Conventional Fixtures: 11• Fixtures Other: 2• Truss: 32• Gobos: 133• Bulbs: 7• Colour Filters (Gels): 9For those that keep track, including the above, the Library will comprise• Automated Fixtures: 692• Conventional Fixtures: 2561• Fixtures Other: 46• Truss: 4529• Gobos: 4129• Bulbs: 1462• Colour Filters (Gels): 2058…and much more.Some comments from R25 Beta testers:“Each release gets better and better. I am looking forward to using these new features and I will not be shy to elaborate further on any issues or make suggestions as they arise.” - Scott Preston, Lighting Designer, Entertainment Projects, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas“The Camera improvements are amazing. It finally allows me to make quick changes to the screen either during presentations, pre-cueing or – more importantly – screen capture” - Graham Leesmith - Lighting Designer at Le Smurf Lighting“These new video tools open a new universe to wysiwyg allowing the Video to enter the world of Lighting” - Daniele Peroni, Project Manager, XYZ ProjectsFor more information or to download wysiwyg R25, go to CAST Software Ltd., 35 Ripley Avenue, Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6S 3P2. Tel: +1 416 597 2278. Fax: +1 416 597 9594. Email: [email protected]. ###

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