LDDLIGHT announces IDR-CT LED semi-circle arc lights

April 14, 2010
Date Announced: 14 Apr 2010 The new IDR-CT Series Arc Lights from LDDLIGHT.com are designed for applications requiring an open arch of illumination.Unique within our Area Light Family, the IDR-CT’s semi-circle shape delivers light that partially surrounds an object, providing illumination through a 180° arch. This lighting technique supports inspections on both cylindrical surfaces and on objects requiring illumination of more than 1 side. Like other Area Lights, the IDR-CT can easily be positioned to provide either bright field or dark field lighting.Due to their open arch design, IDR-CT Arc Lights can be mounted in a fixed position while allowing objects to easily be conveyed through their open 180° arch.Typical applications for the IDR-CT are found in canning and bottling (e.g. print inspection on aluminum cans, debris in screw top bottle threads), machine parts (e.g. pistons and cylinders) and cosmetics (e.g. print inspection on lipstick and mascara).Available with an outer diameter of 200mm and inner diameter of 170mm, the IDR-CT is available with red, white, blue or green LEDs. Additional wavelengths or sizes may be custom ordered.To see all available IDR-CT Arc Light models and pricing, visit http://www.lddlight.com and enter “IDR-CT” into the site’s Search Box.About LDDLIGHT.comLDDLIGHT.com offers an extensive lighting line. Detailed and graphical specifications assist you in choosing lighting techniques. Simple menus guide you through model choices and help you add the right light and accessories to your shopping cart. Enter your account information, select a shipping method, and use the encrypted checkout for fast, secure credit card purchases. Don't want to use a credit card? No problem, just enter your PO number and we'll invoice you. Products are quickly shipped, and backed by a 2 year warranty and “no questions” return policy.LDDLIGHT.com is the domain of LDD Trading Associates, LLC.

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