Aixtron announces sale of two more MOCVD tools to LED maker Changelight

April 14, 2010
Date Announced: 14 Apr 2010 Changelight ROY UHB LED ramp boost with two more AIXTRON MOCVD toolsAachen/Germany, April 13, 2010 – AIXTRON AG announced today an order for two additional MOCVD tools from Changelight Co., Ltd., a company based in Xiamen’s Torch Industry Park of Fujian Province, China. The order which is for two AIX 2600G3 IC multiwafer production systems, was placed in the fourth quarter of 2009 and both systems will be shipped in the second quarter of 2010.It was only a year ago that Changelight received its first AIX 2600G3 Planetary Reactor® system. Once again, they have been selected for large-scale manufacturing of red, orange and yellow (ROY) ultra high-brightness (UHB) LEDs. Prof. Wang Xiang Wu, General Manager Changelight, who has a decade of experience working on Planetary MOCVD reactors, comments, “The addition of a further pair ofAIX 2600G3 systems will underpin the next step in our company strategy to become the leader of the Chinese optoelectronics industry. They will provide a major capacity boost for UHB ROY LED products – we are already a leader in UHB ROY LED products and now Changelight is working hard to provide the very best products for China’s solid-state lighting program.Changelight’s experience with AIXTRON MOCVD tools has always been very satisfactory. We are eagerly anticipating the usual rapid installation and commissioning of these new reactors. This is all part of the AIXTRON broad technology package and local support service.”


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