MAZet wins the 12th Thuringia Innovation Award

April 9, 2010
Date Announced: 09 Apr 2010 Controlled RGB-LED color light regulation with true color sensors is honored with the first prize in the field of "Light & Life". MAZeT - developer and manufacturing service provider of Opto-ASICs, spectral and color sensors as well as embedded computing solutions - won the first prize in the field of "Light & Life" of the 12th Thuringia Innovation Award 2009 with their innovative controlled LED color light regulation. December 8th, 2009, in front of a broad audience of known representatives of the economic, politic, scientific and media sector, Dr. Fred Grunert - executive of the MAZeT GmbH - received the Innovation Award during the ceremonial events of the Innovation Day Thuringia 2009 in the conference center of the exhibition grounds of the Messe Erfurt. Dr. Grunert stated: "We are glad to receive this highly regarded award and consider it as appreciation to our assignment to develop, manufacture and deliver future oriented as well as long-lasting sensor and controller technology for LED technology."The award dignifies the technological solution and the market attractiveness of controlled RGB-LED light regulation in general. The jury member Prof. Popp of the Institute of Photonic Technology explained during his laudation, that accuracy and long-term stability of light regulation are very important factors to indicate quality and high-class light solutions. He pointed out that this technology can be used for lighting implementation or certain applications like flat-screen monitors. In all cases clients will be confronted with the development, aging and temperature effects of LEDs. Only the solution provided by the MAZeT GmbH ensured a such high accuracy of the light regulation, that the human eye cannot distinguish from these effects. A practical implementation of the light regulation was completed during the public performance of the light & color concert "LUCE - The Sound of Colors". A further implementation of the regulation technology with JENCOLOR(tm) True Color Sensors is for example within the 787 Dreamliner of the US airplane manufacturer Boeing. The sensors regulate the cabin lights, to ensure that the LEDs emit a constant and uniform light color.The jury review"In the past years the application range of LEDs has increased drastically. Perspectively, LED light will displace energy-efficient light bulbs. The light emitted by LEDs has slight fluctuations that are conditional upon development, working temperature and aging processes. The MAZeT GmbH have managed to tackle this complex of problems and provide solutions. The company from Thuringia has developed a RGB-LED color light regulation, that uses direct optical feedback via true color sensors for a defined readjustment of light color, to ensure a long-term stability of the light color. Furthermore this outstanding innovation involves the option of color dynamic adjustment. Therefore for example innovative and energy-efficient lightings can be developed, that only adjust the missing spectral rates to existing light. Additionally the light spectrum can be kept constant within a large temperature range."(Source: Documentation of the 12th Innovation Award Thuringia 2009, Innovation Award ThuringiaThe contest of the 12th Innovation Award Thuringia 2009 is held to demonstrate the economically importance of future-proof innovations under consideration of the design and scientific region Thuringia. To promote innovative technologies, the Foundation of Technology, Innovation and Research Thuringia (known as STIFT) tendered the Innovation Award Thuringia 2009 for the twelfth time in cooperation with the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Technology of Thuringia, the TÜV Thuringia e.V. (Technical Control Board Thuringia) and the Ernst-Abbe Foundation. The award price of 100.000 Euro is divided into five categories and is under the patronage of the prime minister of Thuringia, Christine Lieberknecht.

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