Topco Energy Saving System Corp (TESS) delivers LED replacement lamps

April 12, 2010
Date Announced: 12 Apr 2010 Tess (topco energy saving system corp.), a LED energy saving appliance developer in Taiwan, manufactures outstanding products in LED lighting and solar systems.Tess develops and produces high lumen-output LED lighting equipments which can compete in international markets ranging from LED bulb, LED street light, LED down light for interior decoration, MR-16 bulb reducing energy cost by 80%. The series of Tess LED bulb is from 4W to 10W and can replace incandescent bulb from 30W to 100W. All lighting products of Tess adapt CREE/Nichia/OSRAM Opto Semiconductors inside so could deliver high luminance efficiency, up to 10,000 hours of life time and cool white/warm white colors which can be applied to residential, commercial and public construction environment.Recently, Tess has made its breakthrough to announce a 10W LED bulb with CREE inside which delivers the highest 100lm/W luminous efficiency at any time. Compared to most 10W LED bulb found in market delivering luminous efficiency between 60 to 80lm/W. The new 10W/1,000lm LED bulb of Tess sets a remarkable standard for lighting.Integrating strong R&D capabilities with exceeding foresight, Tess devotes itself in inventing efficient lighting applications and markets them worldwide. Additionally, Tess has received the ISO 9001 & 14001 Certificate from TUV and also obtained FCC/UL/CE/C-tick/CNS Certificate. All products undergo strict quality management procedures to meet the needs and the greatest customer satisfaction.Tess regards its corporate social responsibilities as developing energy saving systems, reducing carbon emissions and creating eco-friendly environment. In the near future, Tess will turn its direction to innovate green energy saving solutions.Tess surely will play a major part in LED lighting industry. Tess welcomes you to contact us to create a prosperous future.Product CategoriesHome: LED bulb (10W/9.5W/9W/7.5W/7W/6W/4W)Indoor: Track light (9W), Down light (40W/26W/18W/12W/7W)Outdoor: LED spot light (60W/40W/30W/9W/7W/3W)Public Infrastructure: Street light (90W/65W)About TessTess founded in Oct 2007 which is a professional LED lighting and Solar System product manufacturer and provider. The main products of Tess are LED bulb, LED down light, LED street light and solar system. Besides energy saving, we know there are many people living in remote areas who do not have decent electricity systems and facilities. Tess combines LED lighting and solar system which could help these people get lighting they need. We only have one earth; Tess will continue to do the best to improve and provide better and better solar and LED lighting solution because we believe Solar-LED lighting will bring us a beautiful and happy life.The business of Tess grows rapidly within this year. Tess has triumphed in Asia lighting market especially in Japan and is enlarging its criterion in Europe and America as well. Tess plans to go public through an initial public offering in Taiwan this year.Goals of TessShort-term: Following ISO 14001 standards to reduce the damage to environment. Introducing ERP system to simplify workflow and promote accuracy and efficiency.Long-term: Inventing multi-functional energy saving products with the highest efficiency and the lowest cost to reach the greatest satisfaction of all clients.

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