Luminus PhlatLight LED powers Philip's Selecon Focus display light

April 19, 2010
Date Announced: 19 Apr 2010 Luminus Devices, Inc., designer, developer and manufacturer of high light output PhlatLight® LEDs, today announced that Philips’ Selecon FOCUS LED display light is powered with a single CBM-380 color mixing chip-on-board PhlatLight LED, a practical and cost-effective alternative to LED arrays. The FOCUS LED is ideally suited for applications such as display lighting for museums and art galleries because it doesn’t generate UV or IR and will protect priceless pieces of artwork. “Phillips’ Selecon’s use of the Luminus CBM-380 demonstrates that PhlatLight LED technology brings unique advantages for color quality, tuning and uniformity to demanding entertainment and architectural lighting applications,” said Keith T.S. Ward, president and CEO, Luminus Devices. “We’re excited to be working with the world’s largest lighting companies, including Philips, on next-generation applications that are reshaping the lighting footprint and the way fine art is displayed in museums.”“Luminus’ big chip LEDs are ideal for entertainment and architectural lighting applications used inside fixtures in museum lighting and other environments,” said Steve Carson, CEO, Philips Entertainment. “Our design teams utilize PhlatLight LEDs because costly lamp replacement isn’t needed and the color rendering is superior in both daylight and conventional lighting environments.”The FOCUS LED light comes equipped with one CBM-380 color mixing PhlatLight LED, capable of reliably delivering 3,500 lumens, without costly lamp changes or high energy consumption. It is designed for entertainment and architectural lighting applications. The new light meets key needs for designers with highly accurate color rendering in both daylight and conventional lighting applications. Designed to provide an ultra-bright, reliable light source, PhlatLight LEDs are currently used by some of the world’s largest companies, including Acer, LG, Philips Vari*Lite, Sony, Samsung and Toshiba. About Luminus DevicesLuminus Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures high performance solid-state light sources – PhlatLight® LEDs - for a variety of lighting applications. Its headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located in the Boston greater metropolitan area Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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