Green Lighting offers dimmable LED lighting and instructional videos

April 12, 2010
Date Announced: 12 Apr 2010 Green Lighting LED offers a variety of dimmable LED bulbs including MR16 track lights, PAR lamps, and globe bulbs. Each dimmable LED light retrofits in any home or business for spot, accent, or flood lighting. The dimming design uses the most updated technology of Frequency and Peak Current Modulation, which provides even and stable dimming function ranged from 0% to 100% of full luminous flux. Dimmable lighting solutions from Green Lighting LED work on most standard dimming systems as shown through our new series of dimmable LED lighting videos.Dimming incandescent or halogen lights provide direct advantages both for aesthetics and the environment. Besides the setting controls, dimming lights by twenty percent reduces energy consumption at roughly equal value. The life of the bulb also extends up to four times when dimmed 20%. Added life and reduced energy both help the environment, but solid state lighting and dimming technology have traveled different paths. Fluorescent lights do not dim and often contain a warning on the package to not use the products on a dimming system. Dimming a CFL can cause serious damage to a product that contains mercury. This presents a potential environmental hazard in your home or business. While LED lights are completely safe and have no harmful elements like mercury, most are not dimmable. Because LED lights are a significant investment, it is important to ensure the lights you buy will work on your dimming system. Some manufacturers claim to have dimmable LED lighting solutions. All too often, consumers spend hundreds of dollars on a LED lights only to find out later that the products do not work on US dimming systems. Green Lighting LED dimmable solutions last for 50,000 hours, retrofit standard fixtures at a fraction of the energy usage, and utilize the most updated dimming technology in the industry. Dimming does not result in a loss of efficiency. During dimming, the LEDs are still operated at the same voltage and current as during full light output. In addition, lamp life is not affected by dimming, as is sometimes the case with frequently dimmed fluorescent lighting. Rather, dimming LEDs may lengthen the useful life of LEDs, because dimming can reduce operating temperatures inside the light source. Our products are the highest quality, do not flicker and do not produce harmonic distortion on most standard dimming systems.So as a consumer, how do you know if an LED lighting products works on incandescent dimming systems? Green Lighting LED agrees with the saying – seeing is believing. Green Lighting LED has conducted a series of tests comparing our LED lighting solutions with standard dimming systems available commercially. A series of videos are now available online to view and compare multiple products on different dimmers. Green Lighting LED is lighting the way to green technology.

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