EldoLED introduces DUALdrive AC LED driver/controller for general lighting

April 19, 2010
Date Announced: 19 Apr 2010 Eindhoven, The Netherlands – At Light and Building 2010, eldoLED (hall 4.0, C89) introduced DUALdrive AC, member of eldoLED’s family of AC mains integrated LED driver/controllers.DUALdrive AC is targeted at dual-channel, white LED lighting. DUALdrive’s two control channels allow you to set colour temperature and brightness in tunable white applications, or to separately balance ambient and task lighting in two control channel, white lighting luminaires. DUALdrive AC features a 20-bit resolution and offers both linear and gamma-corrected dimming curves. DUALdrive AC is ideally suited for both networked and standalone general white LED lighting applications. It is DALI (Colour), 0-10V and switch-dim compatible. DALI is ideally suited for use in larger, flexible networked installations. In smaller (standalone) applications, you can use either 0-10V or switch-dim. Features• DALI, DALI Colour, 0-10V and switch-dim compatible• Input voltage range: 110 - 277 VAC • Power output: 100W• LED output current setting: via LEDcode, in 50mA steps from 200mA up to 1050mA• Linear and gamma-corrected dimming curve• Excellent resolution: 20-bit and high contrast ratio of > 8,000 : 1Advantages• Highly efficient (90%) over a wide power range• Maximum (rated) power available over wide LED voltage and LED current range• Combination of LED driver and power electronics simplifies setup and installation• Ideal for tunable white applications or two control channel luminaires that allow combining ambient and task lightingCompany profileeldoLED develops, produces and markets high-performance, Drive, Networking and Control solutions for solid-state lighting applications. eldoLED proprietary digital technologies and algorithms form the basis of the products' specific features such as small footprint, optimum power efficiency, configurability, high control resolutions and robust thermal management. The standard product portfolio includes LedSync/DMX/DALI compatible driver/controllers, 0-10V/DALI/RF bridge interface cards and DMX dimmers. A dedicated team of engineers supports eldoLED's customers by designing customized solutions, design-in solutions and custom developments: your product, our drive.

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