SABIC launches Expression 2011 palette resins for LED applications

April 20, 2010
Date Announced: 20 Apr 2010 SABIC Innovative Plastics has launched its new Expression 2011 palette – a dazzling array of resin colors and special effects for light emitting diodes (LEDs). The colorful new palette is designed to answer customer calls for better, longer-lasting LED life and improved efficiency, and reflects the latest technological milestone in the long evolution of lighting. To expand the design potential of LEDs and encourage adoption of these green light sources, Expression 2011 elements – created based on research into the latest trends – give lighting designers exciting new sources of inspiration and a clear competitive edge. By influencing light transmission, diffusion and color, these materials spark innovation and epitomize SABIC Innovative Plastics’ success in helping customers create stylish, distinctive and differentiated products.“The Expression 2011 program validates the tremendous potential of LEDs for advanced design and for energy conservation,” said Egi van der Veeken, aesthetic specialist, SABIC Innovative Plastics. “SABIC Innovative Plastics can help LED technology achieve new levels of design creativity, efficiency, sustainability and practicality for multiple industries ranging from automotive to mobile devices. The Expression 2011 portfolio encourages designers to take full advantage of the different moods, effects and spectrum of colors it offers to run with their ideas and explore all the vast possibilities this new technology can offer.”Following the Light with Lexan* ResinThe new Expression 2011 collection showcases the versatility of different Lexan resin grades for enhancing LED light. Lexan* Visualfx* resins in three neutral white colors – Minor Vision, Midway Gauzy and Mighty Pure – offer three different levels of transparency and light scattering. Opalescent colors of Lexan SLX resin in pale blue tones further reduce light transmission for a softer look.Color punch is delivered with high-chromatic Lima and Icy Mango shades in Lexan EXL Visualfx resin, while strong, dense hues are displayed in Cerulean (medical-grade transparent Lexan resin), and Emerald Forest and Venetian Cherry (optical-grade transparent Lexan resin). Colors can be matched to the CIE 1931 xyY Chromaticity Diagram.Full Portfolio of Materials to Optimize LED PerformanceIn addition to developing the Expression 2011 palette for aesthetics, SABIC Innovative Plastics provides a wide range of specialized resins and compounds that help to raise the performance and extend the useful life of LEDs. For example, the company’s Extem* resin portfolio of amorphous thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) and polyetherimide (PEI) resins provide high thermal resistance up to 311C Tg and are inherently flame retardant without use of halogenated additives. LNP* Konduit* compounds, with exceptional conductivity performance, can conduct heat away from LEDs into a heat sink or the surrounding air. Halogen-free flame-retardant LNP Starflam* compounds offer insulative properties and can be formulated to meet electrical standards, such as the IEC 50595 glow-wire test. Transparent Lexan XHT resin offers higher thermal performance than standard polycarbonate, making it suitable for many clear lighting applications.For more information on SABIC Innovative Plastics’ Expression 2011 color palette, please visit the company website at

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