Megaman introduces LED-based MR16 reflector lamps

April 14, 2010
Date Announced: 14 Apr 2010 Bringing “Life in Light” by Presenting MR16 Halogen Replacement Features Excellent Lighting Performance but Less Power ConsumptionMEGAMAN®, leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative, eco-friendly, energy saving lamps, today announces the launch of a breakthrough series of MR16-compatible LED reflector lamps – MEGAMAN® LED MR16 Reflectors. The new product features excellent performance with less power consumption and low heat output, making it an ideal replacement for the blazing hot halogen and providing a truly green lighting solution to consumers.Designed for the standard MR16 applications, the MEGAMAN® LED MR16 Reflector is compact, with a GU5.3-compatible lamp cap and a beam angle of 36o, and delivers a high quality, narrow spotlighting effect. Employing the patented “Thermal Conductive HighwayTM” technology, the MEGAMAN LED MR16 is optimized for a long lifetime of 30,000 hours to lower maintenance costs and provides the highest luminance comparable to its halogen counterparts. Available in 8W and 10W to replace 35W and 50W halogen lamps respectively, these LED reflectors can achieve energy savings of 80% over their halogen equivalents.In addition, the MEGAMAN® LED MR16 Reflectors have a colour rendering index of up to 92. And with the use of a designated MEGAMAN® electronic driver, 100% to 1% linear dimming can be achieved with smoothness comparable to other digital technologies such as DALI & DSI, making them perfect for the use as downlighting or spotlighting in hotels, apartments, offices, museums, shops and restaurants.MEGAMAN® first launched the true low-energy LED replacement for halogen lamps in 2009. This year, MEGAMAN® LED MR16 Reflectors add to the MEGAMAN® LED family and become the true replacement of the halogen equivalents. The halogen lamps have traditionally been used for accent and display lighting because of their high colour rendering index and well-controlled high-intensity beam, and have therefore quickly become a favourable light source to the lighting and interior designers.The breakthrough MEGAMAN® LED MR16 Reflector performs as excellent as the halogen equivalents and achieves higher energy saving, while also overcoming the challenge in heat output and potential issues with skin or flammable materials.For more information about MEGAMAN® LEDs, please visit: www.led.megaman.ccAbout MEGAMAN®MEGAMAN® is a respected and successful global brand that leads in designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative, eco-friendly, energy saving lamps. Offering over 400 different products to 90+ countries across the globe, MEGAMAN® has been built on the ability of its lamps to deliver substantial benefits to a wide range of customers while improving quality of life and conserving the environment.

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