Cintelliq OLED patent study shows explosive growth in filings since 2000

April 15, 2010
Date Announced: 15 Apr 2010 Growth coincides with increasing Government funding of OLED lightingCambridge, United Kingdom, 12 April 2010 – OLED lighting patents filings are growing rapidly with more than 90% of filings appearing since 2000 according to the latest OLED Lighting: A reciew of the patent landscape report from cintelliq Limited, a leading provider of information services and technology consulting to the organic semiconductor and organic electronics industries. This recent study identifies more than 1,800 patents focused on white OLED for lighting applications.According to the company’s OLED Lighting: A reciew of the patent landscape report, the traditional lighting companies account for 22% of the patents filed, closely followed by imaging/optics companies, and OLED technology providers. Analysing the patents filed show six main innovation clusters, device structures, materials, applications, outcoupling, manufacturing, ancillary with the top three accounting for 67% of the patents. Several organisations for example Kodak and Konica Minolta are present in the top three of more than one cluster. “This report is the first of its kind to clearly identify in details the filing strategies of the leading OLED lighting developers. This report is essential resource for developing a company’s technology development and roadmap”, said Craig Cruickshank, lead analyst cintelliq Limited. Craig added, “Looking forward, the explosive growth in OLED lighting patents is set to continue over the next 5 years. Government funding, Government legislation and commercialisation will help drive OLED lighting into homes.”OLED Lighting: A review of the patent landscape report is an invaluable guide to technology developers, patent departments, licensing departments, and business developers who want to develop technology and patent strategies. It will help to understand how the OLED lighting industry is developing with respect to patents. Readers of the report will be able to determine the technology space, identify the number of patents being filed, by who, and when. It will also outline the application space. More than 1,800 published (EP, JP, US, and WO) and granted patents (EP and US) assigned to more than 200 commercial and academic organisations were included in the analysis to produce OLED Lighting: A review of the patent landscape reportOrganisations in this report inlcude; GE, Osram, Philips, Panasonic, Samsung, LG Display, Toshiba, Sony, CDT, UDC, Novaled, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Fuji Photo Film, Cambridge University, Princeton University, Yamagata University, Technische Universität Dresden and many more.

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