Belgian Coffeeburner replaces Fluor-TL tubes with PAS-NGL Led tubes

April 27, 2010
Date Announced: 27 Apr 2010 Belgian coffeeburner "Maeskes Roem" a small family business replaced all their Fluor tubes with PAS-NGL LED-TL tubes. Last year we installed solar panels. We just needed to save another 4,000 KWh to be independant from the mains net. Owner Karl Callebaut explains: We calculated that we could save over 5,000 KWh when installing LED-tl tubes. Our ROI is about 14 months which is very short compared to the ROI of a solar system.So we are very proud that we are creating more green energy than our consumption."Maeskes Roem" is situated in Moorsel Aalst Belgium, and is always busy to look after the most ecologic way to burn coffee.We do thank Erwin and his coworkers for the excellent advice and quick service. PAS-NGL sells only the best retrofit lights.They are actively looking at the world market to offer the best LED solutions.

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