ARC introduces LED 12-channel mini-controller ARC3004-W with RF module

April 1, 2010
Date Announced: 01 Apr 2010 ARC3004-W is the mini controller designed for the LED advertising and indoor commercial lighting which you can adjust it for the atmospheric and decorative lighting. Integrating the control and driving capabilities, it enables to connect the lighting fixture via PWM signal without a driver which can be LED single color or RGB full color fixtures. In addition to the built in 12-channel of ARC3004-W, it is extremely scalable to support up to 32 sets of the controller connecting and is optional to accordance with the ARC extension module while using the high power fixtures. It is simple to adjust the program, speed, and brightness in any occasions to accommodate entertaining with the unique software and RF module. Furthermore, color 4096 grey scales with function of gamma correction technology make the color more clear and smooth. In order to meet the requirements for convenience and efficiency of user’s operation, it allows memorizing the selected program until reboot. It is also adjustable of 16-program lighting effect, 16-segment of the speed and 8-set of the brightness in accordance with the RF module. With the multi functions of ARC3004-W, it can be applied in various applications, such as LED advertising signage, commercial shop and indoor decorative lighting. Features*It is suitable for indoor commercial and outdoor advertising signage lighting.*12-Channel LED controller is applied with the single or RGB full color LED lighting fixture.*8-program built-in and 8-program user-defined lighting effects to accommodate a variety of needs with optimized software.*The color changing is smooth and fluent with 4096 grey scales.*2A driving capacity is for each channel and up to 24A.*It allows connecting up to 32 sets of ARC3004-W and the driving channel is up to 384 channels.*Support RF remote control module (ARC5900 Series)for changing the light show, speed and brightness.*IP66 rated waterproof for outdoor applications.Application*Commercial shop lighting*Outdoor advertising signage*LED ambient atmosphere & decorative lighting Specification Items:SpecificationSupply Voltage:DC 12-40V (type1);DC25-48V(type2)Channel:12 channelsOutput signal:LED 1-12 channel, PWMMaximum Driving Current:Per channel maximum 2A Total maximum 24APWM Frequency:Standard Mode:1KHZ High Power Mode:180HZMemory:1M byteAdjustable Gray Scale:Built-in Gamma correction technology, select 256 gray scale from 12bits 4096 gray scaleLighting Effect:8 Built-in and 8user-defined (the latter should be edited through Lightshow software and download by RS485 interface.Synchronization:32 sets (RS485)Operation Temperature:-20C -60COperation Humidity:20% -90% RHWaterproof:IP66Dimension:(L)141mm x (W)50mm x (H)29mmCertification:CE/FCCSystem ApplicationPeripheral Product *Please select the following products for program, speed and brightness remote controlling.Item Product ARC5900-B0(Receiver) / ARC5900-K0(Remote Control)Power Input DC12-40VControl Input Signal RFRF Frequency 433MHzOutput Signal RS485Peripheral Device ARC5900-K0(Remote Control) (2-pack AAA replacement battery)Operating Environment Temperature:0°C ~ 50°CHumidity:10% ~ 90% RHDimension Receiver:(L)138mm*(W)44mm*(H)22mmRemote Control:(L)138mm*(W)44mm*(H)22mmAbout ARC SOLID-STATE LIGHTING ARC Solid-State Lighting focuses on the LED lighting controller and opto-electronic design and development to provide appropriate solutions for LED Lighting applications. Among the wide range of opto-electronic devices, ARC SSL chooses LED lighting applications as the axis for technologyPR contact Joyce Chen TEL : +886-8227-8217#613 [email protected]

PR contact Joyce Chen TEL : +886-8227-8217#613

E-mail:[email protected]