Abacus installs LED Bollards at London's Barbican Estate

April 26, 2010
Date Announced: 26 Apr 2010 Abacus has completed the first installation of its new range of LED Quartz® bollards at The Barbican Estate in the City of London.The bollards have been installed to light the Rock Fountain which is situated in the Beech Street Garden area of the estate, adjacent to the world-famous Barbican Arts Centre.The tough and robust anti-vandal bollard has been designed to operate in almost any outdoor environment and uses less electricity than other light sources whilst producing a better quality of white light.Mark Pawson, Regional Account Manager at Abacus, said: “Our new LED Quartz® bollard is one of the most energy-efficient amenity lighting systems of its kind. A traditional louvered bollard will emit typically 28% of the light it produces but our new bollard emits a superior 90%. The LED technology also gives big energy savings, using 60% less wattage than conventional bollards, meaning lower energy bills for City of London.The LED Quartz® Optics last for over 50,000 hours use - four times longer than conventional HID lamps - significantly reducing maintenance and replacement costs. And, because LEDs contain no UV, they are an ideal safe solution for pedestrian areas.” The aesthetic, silver bollards, which incorporate the City of London logo within the bollard head, have patented clear louvered optics giving instantaneous, bright white light in a variety of energy efficient beam patterns.The City of London’s John Burke said: “We have worked with Abacus Lighting for a number of years on various projects within the City. Their products have always displayed a high quality with good technical performance and we were pleased to be able to offer them a suitable location for the trial of the new LED Quartz bollards on the Barbican Estate. The LED Quartz appears to be an ideal solution to the replacement of the existing units and we will be looking to increase their number during the coming year.”Mark added: “We are proud to have installed these new bollards in such a high profile area as The Barbican and hopeful that The City of London are now considering the installation of a further 40 bollards across the rest of the estate.”

Kirstie Cannings

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