Primestar offers Bright Line ROI analysis to LED lighting customers

April 7, 2010
Date Announced: 07 Apr 2010 -- Primestar LED officially announces that it will offer their custom Bright Line™ analysis to their customers. The Bright Line™ analysis includes an in depth return on investment report, including 5 important components which allows their customers to make an informed decision regarding their LED retrofit.Phoenix, AZ -– Primestar LED is further expanding its LED full service offering beyond supplying top quality LED products and experienced installation services. The Bright Line™ report is a proprietary return on investment custom analysis which Primestar LED has been developing over the past year.Primestar LED lighting specialists make the process simple for their customers. First they evaluate the existing, or future (for new construction), lighting system energy usage, maintenance costs, carbon footprint, as well as lighting levels and aesthetics. Then they run the data through their proprietary analysis process to make suitable LED product and wattage recommendations. Finally they prepare an in depth report detailing energy cost savings, maintenance cost savings, federal tax deductions, local utility rebates, carbon emissions savings, and lastly, a month by month return on investment analysis highlighting the 100% payback timeframe.“The process does take our time and our resources to complete, but in the end, the customer is informed. By understanding the true ROI of an LED conversion, businesses and their board of directors can now actively revise future budget forecasting with confidence. In this type of tumultuous economic climate, planning effectively for the future is essential to sustainable earnings growth,” stated Jeffrey Dreyer, COO of Primestar LED.Primestar LED provides their Bright Line™ analysis to customers and also to qualified partners, including Solar and other renewable energy companies. Bright Line™ analysis often shows an ROI in the 6 -18 month timeframe with Primestar LEDs superior quality products and attractive pricing ability. Learn more at Primestar LEDPrimestar LED is America’s first premium LED lighting brand for commercial and industrial applications. Primestar LED’s energy efficient lighting products are revolutionizing the lighting industry. They are a market innovator with advanced designs and a proprietary Bright Line™ return on investment analysis process.Their product offering includes direct replacement bulbs and fixtures for warehouse lighting, outdoor street, parking and flood lighting, and general indoor commercial lighting.Primestar LED products are 50-90% more efficient than traditional sources, are zero maintenance for up to 10 years or more, are environmentally friendly with no mercury or lead, and produce a quality crisp, clean light beam with beautiful color rendering.To learn more about how to improve lighting, lower energy costs, and obtain a Bright Line™ for a custom application, visit

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