Primestar LED helps Abanaki Oil go green with ultra efficient LED high bays

July 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Jul 2010 Scottsdale, AZ – Scottsdale-based Primestar LED has collaborated with Abanaki Oil, located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, to help Abanaki increase their energy efficiency, lower energy and maintenance costs, and promote a “Green” agenda. Primestar LED delivered their 96 watt LED High Bay model to replace the existing 400 watt Metal Halide Fixtures. “The Venera Series™ LED High Bays are compelling for many reasons beyond the energy and maintenance savings. They turn on instantly, they can be cycled without lifetime decay, and the light distribution is noticeably better,” stated Primestar LED CEO Frank Keery. Abanaki Oil experienced an instant reduction in electricity consumption with the new LED fixtures. With current usage of the warehouse, Abanaki can expect to operate these new lights without any maintenance costs for over a decade, based on the 50,000 hour rating of the Primestar LED product. About Primestar Primestar LED is America’s first premium LED lighting brand for commercial and industrial applications. Primestar LED’s energy efficient lighting products are revolutionizing the lighting industry. They are a market innovator with advanced designs and a proprietary Bright Line™ return on investment analysis process. Their product series include direct replacement bulbs and fixtures for warehouse lighting, outdoor street, parking and flood lighting, and general indoor commercial lighting. Primestar LED products are 50-90% more efficient than traditional sources, are zero maintenance for up to 10 years or more, are environmentally friendly with no mercury or lead, and produce a quality crisp, clean light beam with beautiful color rendering. To learn more about how you can improve your lighting, lower your energy costs, and obtain a Bright Line™ for your custom application, visit

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