Ambergreat LED Gas Station Light

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Ambergreat LED Gas Station Light, LED Canopy Lamp.
1. Top light source-LED from CREE
2. Patented packing technology
3. Energy saving, environmentally friendly, long lifespan
4. Radiator made of Aluminium alloy which has the best heat conductivity
5. Applied with patented quadric optics non-imaginglens, luminaire efficiency over 90%
6. Powered at AC board voltage input with constant current drive
7. The lamp has been designed a respiratory system to ensure the dust resistance, water resistance and self cleaning ability
8. Integrated heat conduct panel with lamp body enabled the completed heat dissipation
9. New T3 optical lens reflects square light spot
10. Aesthetic style
11. National-wide various invention patents

1. Petrol station, canopy
2. Airport, supermarket, booth
3. Train station, lobby
4. Industry, shopping mall, indoor parking

Power supply
1. Input voltage AC 100~277V, 50~60Hz
2. Output voltage DC53V

1. Ceiling mounted with bracket

LED Gas Station Light's top light source-LED from CREE ,IP Rating is IP67 adn Warrantee are 5 years.

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