Kessil Lighting announces Hydrofarm as exclusive distributor of its LED grow lights

July 22, 2010
Date Announced: 22 Jul 2010 Richmond, CA — Kessil Lighting, a designer and manufacturer of innovative LED grow lights, announces Hydrofarm as its new exclusive distributor in the United States. Hydrofarm is the largest wholesaler and equipment manufacturer of hydroponics products in the North American horticulture industry. With Hydrofarm’s extensive market knowledge and vast customer base, Kessil will be better able to meet the needs of the indoor growing industry.“We teamed up with Hydrofarm because its track record of 30 plus years in serving the hydroponics market and five sizable North American warehouses makes it one of the most recognized names by growers for its product quality and customer support,” says Brian Chiang, Kessil’s Managing Director. “It’s not enough to produce a cutting-edge product—for a business to succeed, it’s key to find a good reputable partner with an extended sales network and excellent customer service record.”With this in mind, Kessil signed a partnership agreement with Hydrofarm for the exclusive distribution of its LED grow lights in the horticulture industry. Hydrofarm’s support will give credibility to Kessil’s innovative product in this rapidly growing market.Kessil’s first product is the H150 LED grow light. Two models, H150-Purple and H150-Magenta, are being offered. The H150-Purple is a general-purpose grow light with a special penta-band recipe that combines five different types of red and blue LED chips to create a spectrum that works for every stage of growth. The H150-Magenta places a heavier emphasis on red spectrum and is aim to boost the performance at the flowering phase. It features a unique quad-band formula that mixes four different types of red and blue LEDs. Hydrofarm is currently taking preorders and deliveries will take place in August 2010.Kessil will showcase its new LED grow lights at the 7th annual Indoor Garden Expo in San Francisco (July 24-25, 2010) at Booth #185 and 187.About KessilKessil Lighting designs and manufactures innovative LED lighting products for the horticulture and aquarium industries. Kessil is a business division of DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc., a leading 25-year-old technology company in the photonics industry. Using DiCon’s patented high power, dense matrix LED platform, Kessil’s products produce a powerful, penetrating stream of light. Kessil’s research team rigorously searches for different spectrum recipes that enhance plant and coral growth to implement into the LED grow lights. With this constant quest for the best spectrums, Kessil is leading “The Spectral Revolution.”

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