TAO light introduce GU5.3 4W and 7W retrofit range

July 19, 2010
Date Announced: 19 Jul 2010 TAO light is delighted to introduce MR16 GU5.3 4W and 7W to complete its Meteor retrofit range. The GU5.3 retrofit market potential is huge but faces several compatibility challenges due to the number of different converters in existing installation. TAO light overcame this issue by developing a compatible driver for both electronic and conventional converters. All GU5.3 source will work with conventional converters but the challenge with electronic converter is the minimum load. TAO light manage to overcome this issue and its source will work with any electronic converter with minimum load 20VA or below for a single lamp load allowing to be retrofitted in most installations. As for the lighting output, the 4W source will focus on spot application with a 20° beam angle while the 7W will be an exact GU5.3 20W replacement with same light output, color temperature and beam angle. TAO light Meteor GU5.3 range is available now for European Market and by the end of the year for North American market. Meteor GU5.3 4WLuminous flux: 150 lmLight Intensity: 495cdColor temperature: 3000KBeam angle: 20°Lifetime: 20 000hConverter compatibility: Electronic and ConventionalDim.: Height 56mm / Diam. 50mmMeteor GU5.3 7WLuminous flux: 270 lmLight Intensity: 450cdColor temperature: 3000KBeam angle: 33°Lifetime: 20 000hConverter compatibility: Electronic and Conventional Dim.: Height 70mm / Diam. 50mmAbout TAO light:TAO light is a luminaire, power supplies and light source manufacturer based in Shanghai with a European and Chinese management team. TAO focus on developing and manufacturing LED quality products with the latest technology at an affordable price. TAO integrated R&D, Manufacturing and testing facilities makes it a very strong and reliable OEM / ODM partner and has a proven successful OEM cooperation track record with the largest lighting companies.

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