Ambergreat LED Canopy Light

July 13, 2010
Date Announced: 13 Jul 2010 Ambergreat LED Light and LED Canopy Lighting products are combination all LED light features together, like: Economical, Green, Long Life and Environmentally Friendly. Applied with the Best LED Light Source-Cree LED, it attains over 90lm illumination efficiency, accelerated by Professional Unique Optical Lens. The Ambergreat LED Lights and LED Canopy Lighting Products Distribute all the light onto ground with maximum effect and formed an rectangular lighting spot.The model AG-PT-84T was made of the aluminum alloy with high index of the heat dissipation the oxidized surface, and ensured the heat dissipation reliability. This LED Canopy Light AG-PT-84T cost 84W and can produce 8460lm brightness, IP Rating is IP67 and warranty are 5 years. Specially designed for Petroleum and Convenience Store retail markets.

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