Spark's latest Intelligent LED tunnel light

July 26, 2010
Date Announced: 26 Jul 2010 Unlike usual road lighting, tunnel lighting has its unique particularity, especially in the presentation of the safety of tunnel lighting system. Bad environment, such as vehicle exhaust, noise, vibration, pure air, etchant gas, will cause the specialty of tunnel lighting. For a safe and warm lighting circumstance to passing vehicle and passengers, we will discuss the design thought and method with analysis. The key features are: Spark Intelligent LED Tunnel Light:1. Light dimming Control by Computer2. Temperature Control 3. Automatic Checking 4. Elevation Angle and Horizontal Angle Adjustable5. 5 Years Insurance by the Chinese People’s Insurance (PICC)6. Light efficiency 80lm/W7. Original Osram/CREE LED8. Energy saving by 70%9. Waterproof IP6510. Japan Red Ruby long lifespan Capacitor11. American NSC ICUse Spark square LED tunnel light:LED we use now for square LED tunnel light have reached 114-122lm/W,with the electrical voltage of 3.2V, we still apply 320hA for power supply, so the practical working power is 1.024W, the total power of 56pcs is 61.6W, Upon 86% of power efficiency, the total power is 72.6W. Within 736meters tunnel, there will be a need of 103 pcs LED tunnel light, which total power is 103*71.3=7374.8W. Calculated with 24hrs per day as working time, the total power consumption will be 215.3Kwh per day, annual power consumption will be 71950 Kwh.As I did not receive the LED tunnel light installation drawing before, so I designed the lighting solution for tunnel length of 700 meters, till now the practical length is 736 meters. For this, I make new adjustment, and also, consider that the brightness of LED tunnel light near the entrance is controlled intelligently, not with night-off method of traditional HPS light; I must readjust install density of light according to the brightness in the air. Base on the HPS install plan, lighting area of the high power light will be separated into three luminance area. From entrance to 30 meters distance is high bright area, the illumination reaches 80Lux; From 30 meters to 60 meters is medium bright area, the illumination reaches 50Lux; From 60 meters to 96 meters is transition area, the illumination reaches 40Lux. The middle of tunnel is low bright area; the illumination only requires 30Lux. When the night comes, the bright lights turn-off, the whole tunnel become low bright area, the illumination should be around 30Lux. When adopting light with LED tunnel light, 103 pcs LED tunnel lights will be applied in the whole tunnel. 40 pcs tunnel light near the entrance and exit of tunnel will be controlled intelligently, used to adjust the brightness. 63pcs in the middle will work with full-mode all the year around. Total amount will be 103pcs, 7pcs more than previous solution.Detail:to install light sensors to collect light data in the entrance and exit place of the tunnel, the light data can directly control a total of 40 units LED tunnel light in the entrance and exit place to adjust the brightness. It will work with full power and full brightness in the day time and work with half power and half brightness at night. The brightness will be adjusted by external environment change. The sensor does not cost energy. In the day time, outside the tunnel is of very bright light, LED tunnel light will work with full power in the entrance, the brightness will reach 80, 50, 30 LUX. At night LED tunnel light will work with half power, the brightness of tunnel is about 30 LUX while the whole brightness is about 40 LUX. If you do not demand changes in brightness with the change of environment, LED tunnel light can be directly settled up a fixed time to change the brightness. Please feel free to contact us for one-stop exporting Intelligent LED tunnel light solution Now!

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