Saudi Arabian Al-Talae'a Company applies LED lighting system

July 28, 2010
Date Announced: 28 Jul 2010 For the first time in Saudi Arabia and Middle East Al-Talae’a Company takes the initiative to be as the first company that applied LED lighting systems in addition of the Solar system in their projects for reducing the electricity consumption and avoiding CO2 emission.Shaikh Khalid Boqshan C.E.O of Al-Talae’a Company believes to use the worldwide latest technologies, So he mandates Baytona company “the sole agent of NEWHOPE USA company” for supplying more than 400 Fixtures of NewHope High Bay LED lighting systems which will be installed In Bridgestone Store In Jeddah – Saudi Arabia.Representative of NewHope company” Supplier” Said: we are selling the LED lighting system because we know that this system is the most reliable lighting system worldwide recently , it saves Energy more than 60% , friendly with the environment because there is no CO2 emission or UV which the normal lighting have. This system will operate more than 50,000 hours which means 5 time of the normal lighting system.”

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