HB-LED Driver ICs global market forecast and analysis

July 14, 2010
Date Announced: 14 Jul 2010 Upper Lake, CA – ElectroniCast Consultants, a leading market research consultancy, today announced the release of a new market analysis and forecast of the global consumption of High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes (HB-LED) Driver Integrated Circuits (ICs). According to the study results, the global consumption value of HB-LED Driver ICs in selected lighting applications reached $891.62 million in 2009. The consumption value is forecasted to increase to $3.88 billion in 2016. See Data Figure“The worldwide marketplace of HB-LED Driver ICs used in the backlighting of TVs and monitors (predominantly LCD-based) is forecast for very rapid growth (nearly 60% per year) during the 2009-2016 timeframe,” said Stephen Montgomery, president of International Business at ElectroniCast. The consumption of LEDs in LCD-TV Backlighting Units, Vehicles, Street Lights, Test, Medical and Science applications, Solid-State Lighting (SSL) general lighting, as well as other applications are discussed in this ElectroniCast market research study report service, is increasing. “ElectroniCast is projecting that the LED-based LCD-TV marketplace in parts of Europe, the United States and Japan will become saturated faster, as well as embracing the OLED-based TVs and monitors, sooner than other regions. We are forecasting particularly that China will hang onto the LED-based LCD solution for an expanded length of time, especially as long as the OLED solution is provided at a price premium versus the LED-based LCD solution,” Montgomery added.

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