Affineon Lighting provides LED lighting for Sloan Kettering MRI Surgical Suites

July 28, 2010
Date Announced: 28 Jul 2010 Coral Springs, Florida - Affineon Lighting, a privately held company that manufactures and develops high performance LED lighting fixtures for architectural and commercial applications, announced today that it’s SmartLine 2x2 LED troffer replacement fixtures have been installed in Sloan-Kettering’s MRI Surgical Suites. Sloan-Kettering was the first to use MRI imaging simultaneously with surgical procedures. Sloan-Kettering is the world's oldest and largest private institution devoted to patient care, education, and research into cancer.“Every MRI Surgical Suite in Sloan-Kettering’s New York City facility is now using Affineon’s SmartLine 2x2 LED light panel” stated Teddy Van Bemmel, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing. “The requirements for lighting an MRI room include no magnetic parts, low heat, no frequency interference with the MRI machine and there must be total lighting intensity control. Our SmartLine panels fulfill each of these requirements. The heat from the LED’s is transmitted through heat sinks behind the LED into the plenum ceiling. Secondly, we used an external rack mounted DMX dimming control system that provided the surgeons with total lighting intensity control. An extensive filter system was designed to eliminate any frequency interference between the light fixtures and the MRI machine. Lastly, the fixtures are completely sealed and can be cleaned with any standard water based hospital grade antibacterial for a germ free environment.”About Affineon LightingAffineon Lighting was founded in 2005 to explore the new opportunities presented in high power, solid state LED lighting. Affineon has developed lighting fixtures for several major lighting manufacturers in the US and Europe. Affineon Lighting recognizes that LED solid state lighting represents a paradigm shift in the lighting industry. We have devoted the last five years researching LED technology and developing a wide range of products to produce LED fixtures for key market segments. We are the premier, market driven, product development and manufacturing company in the LED lighting space.

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