Ecobility and Grand Hyatt partner on landmark LED retrofit project

Oct. 18, 2010
Date Announced: 18 Oct 2010 Ecobility - the UAE-based CleanTech company - and the 5-star Grand Hyatt Dubai have partnered to implement one of the largest LED (light emitting diode) retrofit projects in the UAE hospitality industry.The project - which was completed last week - saw Grand Hyatt replace 1,500 halogen light bulbs with the same number of energy efficient "SpotOn" LED bulbs from Ecobility's ILLUME Lighting range. The retrofit has introduced cutting-edge LED technology into the corridors, elevators, and other common areas throughout the property.According to Ecobility's Director of Strategy and Innovation, Karim Aly: "Having been selected as the LED lighting partner by one of the most distinguished hotels in the region is testimony to the unparalleled performance of our ILLUME Lighting solutions. We commend the Grand Hyatt Dubai's decision to make the switch to energy efficient LED lighting and believe that by doing so they have set an important example for the UAE hospitality industry as a whole."Speaking about the project, the Grand Hyatt Dubai's Property Manager, Philip Barnett said: "Our decision to move from inefficient halogen light bulbs to Ecobility's energy efficient alternative was based on performance, financial savings, as well as staying true to our ethos of enhancing our sustainable practices by conserving energy and shrinking our carbon footprint."He added that by switching to LED lighting the hotel will "generate substantial savings in electricity and bulb replacement costs - which is naturally a welcome contribution to our bottom line. The project will pay for itself in just ten months and will, over the life of the installation, prevent 630 tons of CO² from entering the atmosphere as a result of the reduction in electricity consumption."Talking about the decision to go with the ILLUME Lighting solution, Mr. Barnett added: "We conducted a series of stringent tests on LED bulbs from a variety of manufacturers and found that the "SpotOn" bulbs delivered the best performance, creating a colour and brightness that were very similar to halogen light bulbs while allowing us to save energy, go greener and reduce costs. For Grand Hyatt Dubai compromising on aesthetics, ambience or light quality was simply not an option."Consuming just 5 watts of power, "SpotOn" by ILLUME Lighting reduces energy consumption by up to 90% compared to halogen bulbs and has 20 times the lifespan at 40,000 hours (a claim substantiated by independent 3rd party testing): that is 4.5 years when used 24-hours a day, or 20 years if used for five hours each day.Explaining the economic benefits of switching to LED lighting, Aly added: "Financial savings are derived directly from the reduced energy consumption as well as the evaded maintenance and procurement expenses over the life of the installation. Moreover, because LED bulbs emit virtually no heat, room temperatures are kept cooler which results in a significantly lower air conditioning requirement."Aly believes that "business savvy organisations should be looking at enhancing long term productivity rather than focusing solely on short-term cost-cutting. Those that invest in sustainable and energy efficient technologies are unquestionably in a stronger position as they are unlocking latent economic value and boosting their bottom line."He says that "making the switch to Ecobility's energy efficient lighting solutions is very simple and customers can immediately start reaping the triple-bottom line rewards - people, planet and profit."

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