Karen Owyeung named CEO of Lunera Lighting, Inc.

Oct. 28, 2010
Date Announced: 28 Oct 2010 Redwood City, CA - Lunera Lighting, Inc., a Silicon Valley company that designs, manufactures, and markets next-generation LED lighting, today announced that former Hewlett Packard and Lumileds executive, Karen Owyeung, has joined Lunera as its new CEO. Owyeung brings with her nearly 20 years of marketing, operations, and general management experience in the LED industry. "Karen's proven track record at HP's optoelectronics division demonstrates her deep LED industry experience and management skill required to lead the Lunera team," said Gary Dillabough, Chairman of the Board at Lunera and partner of the Westly Group, a clean technology-oriented venture capital firm and Lunera's lead investor. "Both Karen and the team at Westly Group recognize the tremendous potential of LED lighting and we're confident that she will accelerate Lunera's leadership role in transforming the lighting industry to next generation digital LED technology," he added. Owyeung began her career in LED technology at Hewlett Packard's Optoelectronics Division. She held executive management positions in marketing and worldwide manufacturing operations prior to becoming the general manager of the division, which she successfully grew into a $500M business providing employment for 2000 people. While at HP she worked with industry visionaries including Roland Haitz, famed for Haitz's Law, to identify the opportunity for LED technology into commercial and residential lighting. Owyeung also was the architect behind the expanded joint venture of HP's solid-state lighting division with Philips Lighting to form Lumileds, a leader in today's LED lighting market. Owyeung served on the Lumileds board of directors and was named the first CEO of the expanded joint venture. Karen also served on the advisory board for Bridgelux, a Silicon Valley LED technology company. She holds a BSEE from Vanderbilt University and has completed advanced studies at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. "LED technology has evolved to a performance and price point that now positions it as a superior alternative to the currently ubiquitous fluorescent technology commonly used in general lighting applications in commercial buildings." said Karen Owyeung, CEO of Lunera Lighting. "It's truly an exciting opportunity to lead a team with the extraordinary vision, talent, and passion to drive this technology into an entirely new market and deliver on its promise to increase building performance by reducing operating costs while significantly improving the quality of light provided to the occupants of the space," she added. About Lunera Lighting Lunera Lighting is an award-winning technology innovator leading the transformation from analog to energy-efficient digital LED lighting. Manufactured in the USA, Lunera's premium lighting fixtures are particularly attractive when seeking LEED certification, since LED lighting substantially impacts LEED points in "green" buildings. The company's award-winning products are differentiated by elegant design, precision engineering, and beautiful light. Since introducing its first products in late 2009, Lunera has installed lighting in over 2 million square feet of commercial real estate.

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