Gaggione releases extremely narrow-beam collimator for MCE-Color and P5-II

Oct. 12, 2010
Date Announced: 12 Oct 2010 Gaggione SAS, the LaCluse, France-based plastic optics manufacturer, releases an extremely narrow beam collimator providing excellent color mixing properties to address stage lighting, entertainment lighting and architectural lighting applications.The result of intense collaboration between LED lighting optical designers and some of the most experienced mold makers and plastics engineers in the business succeeded in achieving 2x4,2° FWHM beam angle with the Seoul Semiconductor P5-II and 2x5,5° FWHM beam angle with the Cree MC-E color while guaranteeing a very uniform color mixing and high light output ratio. FWHM being defined as Full Width Half Maximum.This new collimator in the LEDnLIGHT product-line, is the unique answer for lighting fixture designers using MC-E color or P5-II and looking for powerful multicolor light concentration. The specification of achieving a high-quality narrow beam is a technical challenge requiring Gaggione to produce a collimator 45mm in diameter, demonstrating unique experience injecting thick polymer optics.Gaggione also customizes such optical solution for specific customer needs to meet various demands. For more information on customized optical solutions, please visit: www.gaggione.comAbout Gaggione SAS Gaggione is an ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 certified company and a leader in producing solutions using polymers for customers around the world. The company provides comprehensive design, development and manufacturing capabilities for the production of standardized and customized polymer optics with state of the art production technologies and facilities.Contact EuropeDavid VERYSER, Sales manager – Optics divisionGaggione SAS Tel +33-4-76-76-12-66E-mail: [email protected] North America :John-Michael ERMELTel +1 847 810 7392E-mail: [email protected] China:XU Zhen 徐臻Tel: +86 21 3777 6276E-mail: [email protected]

David VERYSER, Sales manager – Optics division Gaggione SAS Tel +33-4-76-76-12-66

E-mail:[email protected]