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Oct. 18, 2010
Date Announced: 18 Oct 2010 -- Web-based tutorials, on-call experts and an interactive community forum give Elemental LED an educational edge over the competition.San Francisco, CA –– Elemental LED, a San Francisco based LED lighting company, offers superior products, resources and support for under cabinet LED lighting installations. By implementing a multi-faceted customer support program that include online, phone and in-person interface options, Elemental LED makes it easy to choose and install under cabinet LED lighting. Elemental LED offers a wide range of products and continues to develop versatile, high-quality, under cabinet lighting solutions. Innovative Engineering: At Elemental LED engineering solutions and improving on existing designs are top priorities. By developing new products, Elemental LED stays on the cutting edge of LED technology. The latest under cabinet LED developments from Elemental LED include:- Dimmable LED puck lights, an Elemental LED exclusive: Outfitted with Cree LED chips, these LED pucks deliver more efficient, higher quality light with a higher color rendering index (CRI) of 78-80.- Reign Dimmer Switches: These LED switches represent the first stylish, wall-mount 12V LED dimmer switches available to the mass market.Efficient Lighting: Many LED lights are energy efficient, durable and stylish, but not all are right for under cabinet applications. The following are the top fixtures Elemental LED offers for under cabinet installations.- LED Light BarsThe High Power Brushed Aluminum Under Cabinet Fixture is perfect for kitchen counter task lighting. It supplies 360-480 lumens while only using 8 watts of energy. Streamlined, dimmable and efficient, the sleek aluminum housing makes these LED light bars an excellent option for under cabinet lighting designs. - LED Strip LightsElemental LED offers flexible strip lighting that comes with a 3M adhesive backing, so it can fit in virtually any location. LED strips offer a seamless glow with a 140° beam angle. The flexible LED strip lights are dimmable using a 12V dimmable driver and use only 1.44 watts of energy per foot. These fixtures are easy to hide, and their length is customizable with cut points every two inches.- LED Puck LightsThe most discreet under cabinet option, LED puck lights can recess into small kitchen spaces, allowing for versatility within your lighting designs. The Elemental LED puck light is outfitted with CREE LED chips, which offer superior performance.Installation Guidance: Elemental LED is improving the way customers learn about LED technology by providing an interactive online community center called LEDucation. Customers can share DIY projects, contribute ideas and ask questions. Wiring diagrams, videos and online tutorials in the LEDucation section of the website offer step-by-step guides to help LED customers install their under cabinet LED lights at home. Customers can submit questions related to specific products using the corresponding online FAQ forms and receive an answer from a knowledgeable representative within 24 hours. Superior Customer Support: Elemental LED customers have access to professional LED experts who are educated on both products and installation procedures. Call Elemental LED at 1-877-564-5051 between 8am-5pm, PST. Or Chat live online with an LED expert anytime during regular business hours.Elemental LED is committed to making LED under cabinet installation as easy, efficient and affordable as possible by providing exceptional products and customer support. Elemental LED CEO Max Darling says, “We listen to our customers and we do our best to give people the best lighting solution for their individual needs as quickly as possible, all at the right price.”

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