International Solid State Lighting Alliance (ISA) founded in China

Date Announced: 25 Oct 2010

On the closing ceremony of Chinese semiconductor illumination forum, global Industrial Organizations propose to set up the NGO Organization(International Solid State Lighting Alliance / ISA) by industrial organizations in solid illumination, well-known enterprises, scientific research institution.

The mission of the ISA is,
1. Promote the development and application of the global solid lighting industry;
2. Create the green and sustainable society.

The main points of the ISA is
1. Post the tactical researching plan and global solid lighting industry route;
2. Paunch and mediate the global demonstration project to promote the understands of the publics;
3. Promote the dialogue and cooperation from the standard and testing method.
4. Grow up the industrial ecosystem (talent, education and training, etc.);
5. Promote the public relationship and the applications of the ISSA.

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