LED lighting retrofit services for Florida Hospital

Oct. 20, 2010
Date Announced: 20 Oct 2010 Energy Smart Industry which is also known as ESI, has been providing with LED retrofit services across United States. The company has launched customized lighting solution for different kinds of industries and has now introduced LED Lighting retrofit for hospital lighting. With the new LED lights for hospitals they can now get energy efficient lighting and can look forward to reduced electricity bills. The lighting solutions offered by the company are recommended by the US department of energy also. Commenting on the efficient lighting solutions offered by ESI, Mr. David Houri, the CEO of the company said, “ESI has been providing retrofit lighting to our clients since some time and we can now boast of satisfied and happy customers. So far, we were mainly dealing with offices and residential building but now we are expanding and have introduced improved LED retrofit for hospital lighting and school lighting also. Different kinds of lighting fixtures have been introduced by us and can be used in operation theatres, general wards and at other places in hospitals. This allows the hospital to be more cost efficient and helps in saving on energy bills.”More and more people are now turning to LED lights as they are highly beneficial. The LEDs are considered as energy saving lightings as they are powerful and use very little energy. With LED retrofits one can also look forward to reduced maintenance and overheard costs. This is because the LED bulb which is used in retrofitting have a life of about 75,000 hours and is durable as well. This is why more and more people are now opting for these bulbs and are using them in residential buildings and office building. When it comes to environment, there again the lighting retrofit fare better and is considered as environment friendly. The bulbs do not emit harmful pollutants like lead and carbon and do not heat up the room like incandescent bulbs or the CFL bulbs. Since it doesn’t emit heat, the hospitals can use the air conditioner at lower level and save energy there as well. ESI has made LED retrofitting more convenient by introducing customized lighting solutions that have flexible payment programs. The clients can get the retrofit lightings at no expense and can pay the company when they start saving on the energy bills. Thus the hospitals do not have to worry about out of pocket expenses and have the ease to pay back from the saving they make.Mr. Houri further highlighted, “We have already finished retrofitting some of the buildings in United States and are getting more requests from different industries. When we get such requests, our engineers visit the site and then design a customized lighting program that may be suitable for the particular industry. Different factors are considered before they draw the final plan. If the clients are okay with the plan then we go ahead with the lighting retrofit and provide them with the best possible solution.”

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