Once Innovations reports record AC-LED efficacy at light-engine level

Oct. 7, 2010
Date Announced: 07 Oct 2010 Plymouth, MN – LED lighting technology developer Once Innovations, Inc. (ONCE) announces it has achieved an industry high mark for luminous efficacy at the light engine level. ONCE lab testing of pre-production AC LED modules utilizing the company’s proprietary AC conditioning technology has consistently yielded luminous flux of 1080 lumens at 11.8W and correlated color temperature of 2870 K. 50mm diameter AC LED modules are designed to connect to 120VAC, 60Hz mains without the need for additional electronics. “Our conditioned AC LED technology clearly demonstrates that AC driven LEDs can be a viable solid state lighting solution without sacrificing power quality,” stated Mr. Zdenko Grajcar, CTO of ONCE. “We not only achieved system luminous efficacy of over 90 lumens per watt, but did so with extraordinary power quality and at a fraction of the cost of similar PFC corrected DC LED solutions.” The company’s SCD conditioning boosts system luminous efficacy significantly over simple resistive circuits. Documented testing using replicable industry standard protocol has shown system efficacies of 92 lumens per watt at 2850°K, an 85 CRI, and R9 value over 30. Modules incorporating AC conditioning technology are inherently dimmable with Power Factors at 0.98 and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) under 21%. In addition, ONCE AC LED conditioning technology makes LED modules a very robust, compact, and surprisingly affordable solution. Conditioning enables AC LED lighting to meet strict power quality standards. “We are using our proprietary AC conditioning in all ONCE products currently in development and are in the process of licensing our technologies to major lighting and LED manufacturers,” commented Mr. Craige Thompson, CLO of ONCE. “With over 30 combined U.S. and foreign patents and patent applications pending related to our AC LED portfolio, the value proposition we have created provides our licensees with opportunities to significantly decrease manufacturing cost while making major power quality improvements.” ONCE believes these developments will make low THD levels and high PF commonplace in all LED based systems.Once Innovations (ONCE) is a privately held LED technology development company that makes part of its IP portfolio accessible to companies under licensing agreements while manufacturing highly differentiated LED lighting using a visionary approach to research and product development – from design through final production and distribution. ONCE was founded in 2008 by current CTO, Zdenko Grajcar considered a pioneering rebel in LED technology for his remarkably unconventional thinking and relentless challenge to the industry status quo. The ONCE technology research, marketing, and product development campus is located in Plymouth, MN United States of America.

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