Successful zero out of pocket LED lighting retrofit program from Energy Smart Industry

Oct. 15, 2010
Date Announced: 15 Oct 2010 Energy Smart Industry has announced that its lighting retrofit program has been quite successful so far and has helped people to see the difference. The Hollywood based company has been providing with retrofit program in the United States for quite some time now. Their LED retrofit revolutionary program has encouraged many buildings in United States to opt for retrofitting and they are quite happy with the result. Addressing the success of their program, Mr. David Houri, CEO of Energy Smart said, “When we launched our Green Lease Management Program, our main aim was to encourage people to opt for zero out of pocket LED retrofitting. Now we are happy to announce that our unique program has been successful and we can now boast of completed projects and satisfied clients. We have retrofitted some of the buildings like Ocean Palms in Hollywood and our program has helped the condominium association to reduce their energy bills by almost 25- 30 % with Zero out of pocket. Ours is the only company in the United States that offers 5 year warranty on the retrofitting.”The company has managed to be quite popular with the clients and is gaining popularity with condominium associations and industry that want to reduce their energy bills. They have recently completed LED retrofit for Hollywood Station condominium. With the retrofit, the condominium has become energy efficient and can look forward to save about 30% on its energy bills. Prior to this, the company completed retrofitting for Ocean Palms and helped the condominium association to bring down the energy bills by almost 29%.The highlights of Energy Smart Industry’s Green Lease Management Program are that it allows the clients to get state-of-the-art LED lights at no extra expense. When they opt for the LED retrofitting then they do not have to pay anything for the service or for the new LED lighting. This implies that initially the expenses are borne by ESI and later when the clients start saving then he can pay back through the savings that he makes on his energy bills. Other kinds of financing options are also offered by the company. Another feature that makes ESI popular is that it provides with a unique 5 year protection plan that is not offered by any other company in the USA. With this, the clients don’t have to worry about maintenance and can simply enjoy the benefits of retrofitting. Positive cash flow, durable lights and environmental benefits are some of the other features that are associated with ESI’s unique lighting retrofit program. Mr. Houri further added, “We look forward to encourage more people to opt for LED retrofitting as the LED lighting are not only energy efficient but are environment friendly as well. At ESI, our aim is to come up with better lighting solutions that are not only apt for our clients but is good for the environment as well. This is why we offer customized lighting solutions to different industries like school associations, manufacturing units and other industries also. Different LED lights are used by us so that it may be apt for the particular industry.”

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