AZ e-lite introduces new LED lighting products

Oct. 12, 2010
Date Announced: 12 Oct 2010 LF-B, LFC, LT 8A, Ceiling Light and Floodlight Series to be Showcased at China (Guzhen) International Lighting FairSINGAPORE -– AZ e-lite Pte Ltd ("AZ e-lite"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aztech Group Ltd specialising in the design and development of quality LED lighting, has introduced a new range of LED lighting products for both commercial and residential applications. They include:• LF 212-B / LF 424-B 2-feet / 4-feet LED Surface Mounted Lights (with Battery Backup), which are designed as battery-powered emergency lighting to ensure minimum of 2 hours lighting during power failure. LF 212-B / LF 424-B can be configured for different applications, such as corridor lighting and exit light. During emergency operation such as power failure, the lights operate with luminous flux of 350lm. Consuming only 12W/24W of electricity respectively, they are equipped with high-efficiency LED module that provides an even light distribution with minimum glare. LF 212-B / LF 424-B are available in 3 colour temperatures (warm white, cool white and daylight) and meet stringent safety standards, including SS CP19 and SS 263 Part 2 Singapore safety requirements for emergency lighting deployment. The assembly complies with IP54 requirements and helps prevent pest entry.• LFC series1-feet / 2-feet / 3-feet / 4-feet Cascading LED Surface Mounted Lights which provide an energy-saving, low-maintenance alternative to traditional cove lighting and T5 fluorescent tube.The LFC’s compact size, varied lengths and simple line-power installation enables it to fit into narrow coves, wardrobes, display shelves and kitchen cabinets. A key advantage is its scalability and cascading feature – it has retractable power connectors and the ability to join multiple fixtures without additional wiring. Each fixture has independent power switch for on/off control even during cascading application.Available in 3 colour temperatures (warm white, cool white and daylight), the LFC consumes 40% less energy than T5 fluorescent tube (17 watts per 4-feet run for LFC, versus 28 watts for T5). It also has a life span of 50,000 hours.• LT 8A series2-feet / 3-feet / 4-feet / 5-feet T8 LED Tubes that are direct replacement for T8 fluorescent tubes without the need for ballast or starter. Available in 3 versions (Energy Saving, High Brightness and Super Brightness), the LT 8A is brighter, saves 60% electrical power and lasts 50,000 hours – twice as long as its fluorescent counterparts, hence saving replacement and maintenance cost. LT 8A is easy to install as it fits into a standard bi-pin fluorescent lamp socket. The all-plastic design enhances safety. Its specially-designed and high-performance diffuser gives an even light distribution with minimum light degradation. It lights on instantly with no flicker, glare or hot spots, making it more comfortable on the eye. Unlike fluorescent tube, it does not contain mercury and is 100% recyclable. Available in 3 colour temperatures (warm white, cool white and daylight) and various lengths, LT 8A is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as office, shop, corridor and car park lighting.• LCR 1424 / LCS 1424 series14-inch Circular & Square LED Ceiling Lights for residential lighting applications. Consuming only 20 watts with luminous flux of 1200lm, LCR 1424 / LCS 1424 achieve up to 40% energy savings compared with a standard 32W T8 tube with the same brightness. The specially-designed light cover produces evenly diffused light with minimum light loss. The IP54-compliant casing is water-proof and ensures no pest entry, making them suitable for outdoor installation. Available in 3 colour temperatures (warm white, cool white and daylight) and various designs, the ceiling lights can last for 50,000 hours or 20 years (based on usage of 6 hours a day). • XL / XL-S 30W / 65W LED Floodlights that are perfect replacement for 250W and below conventional floodlights. The XL-S model comes with motion sensor and daylight ambience sensor. These eco-friendly floodlights use up to 60% less energy over the design life of 50,000 hours.As the LED floodlights emit only a fraction of the heat conventional floodlights do, they can be installed indoors or under porches. The IP54-compliant rugged casing is water-proof and ensures no pest entry. There are also separate pan and tilt adjustment to give maximum flexibility for illumination. The XL-S model comes with adjustable daylight sensors which determine when the floodlight should be activated. An electronic control unit switches the floodlight on instantly at full power when a human body is detected, and turns it off after a preset period of time. Special electric circuitry allows the control of secondary appliances, such as additional perimeter light.The floodlights are available in daylight (6000K) with luminous flux of 1300lm (XL 10 models) and 2800lm (XL 25 models).AZ e-lite will showcase these new LED lighting at the China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair, to be held on 18-21 October 2010 at Guzhen Lighting Plaza in Zhongshan, China (Booth number: Hall 2B, I08).

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