Tiger Optics expands worldwide distribution network

Oct. 18, 2010
Date Announced: 18 Oct 2010 To keep pace with soaring demand, Tiger Optics, LLC today announced new partnerships with eight distributors in Europe and the United States to facilitate sales and support of its laser-based trace gas analyzers. The move significantly expands the manufacturer’s global reach and enhances its ability to serve customers.“Our newest distributors deliver solutions for critical applications ranging from industrial process control to ambient molecular contamination monitoring,” said Lisa Bergson, Tiger Optics’ founder and chief executive. “By partnering with Bernt Messtechnik GmbH, S.E.C. Scientific Equipment Co. Ltd., A&LCO Industries, APT, SPA, OmniProcess AB, Instrumentación Analítica and Flowmaster, we are well positioned to support our customer’s gas analysis and clean-room monitoring needs.”Tiger Optics introduced the world’s first commercial “Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy” (CW CRDS) analyzer in 2001. Today, more than 800 robust Tiger units are at work in such demanding environments as semiconductor fabrication plants, gas manufacturers, chemical companies, as well as metrology institutes. Returning customers account for more than 65 percent of the company’s sales.About Tiger Optics: Tiger Optics, LLC makes powerful, laser-based gas analyzers that feature and foster clean technology. The company’s instruments help manufacturers achieve faster throughput, with less waste. For additional information, visit www.tigeroptics.com.About Bernt Messtechnik GmbH: For more than 30 years, Bernt Messtechnik GmbH has provided gas analysis and measurement equipment to plants producing steel, aluminum, copper, automotives and semiconductors, as well as to research facilities, the chemical/petrochemical industry and power plants. Its offices are located in Dusseldorf, Munich, and Karlsruhe, Germany. Email: [email protected]. Website: www.berntgmbh.de.About S.E.C. Scientific Equipment Co. Ltd: S.E.C. Scientific Equipment Co. Ltd. supplies gas analysis equipment to industry and is located in Rishon Lezion, Israel. Email: [email protected].About A&LCO Industries: Founded in Milan in 1987, AL&CO Industries is well known for supplying equipment and services for detection of airborne particulate contaminates in liquids and compressed gases. AL&CO is located in Cologno Monzese, Italy. Email: [email protected]. Website: www.alcoindustries.it.About APT: Established in 1995, APT provides gas analysis and detection equipment for industrial process control. APT is located in Cesano Maderno, Italy. Email: [email protected]. Website: www.aptsrl.com.About SPA: SPA offers analytical equipment, systems and design services to industries, such as power plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical/petrochemical, metallurgy, food and pharmaceutical. SPA is located in Wroclaw, Poland. Email: [email protected]. Website: www.spa-systemy.pl.About OmniProcess AB: OmniProcess AB provides field instrumentation and analytical equipment to the Swedish process industry. The company is headquartered in Solna, Sweden. Email: [email protected]. Website: www.omniprocess.se.About Instrumentación Analítica: Since 1980, Instrumentación Analítica has supplied measurement and control instruments to many industries, such as industrial gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental, biodiesel, and power plants. Its offices are located in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. Email: [email protected] or [email protected]. Website: www.instru.es.About Flowmaster Inc.: For more than 25 years, Flowmaster has supplied gas analyzers, block valves, control valves, instrumentation, and safety products to industry. Flowmaster is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Email: [email protected]. Website: www.flowmaster-br.com.

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