NEEP and DesignLights Consortium announce public release of Qualified Products List

Oct. 4, 2010
Date Announced: 04 Oct 2010 Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships has announced the public release of the DesignLights Consortium's highly successful Qualified Products List, a list of independently verified first-class, energy efficient lighting products. The list features cutting-edge solid state lighting (SSL) lighting products that can be considered for incentives by utility efficiency programs across the U.S. and into Canada.Launched in October of 2009, the Qualified Products List provides a central place for manufacturers to submit product performance data for an independent, third-party assessment by the DLC. The list is a valuable resource for utilities and energy efficiency program administrators to identify products that can qualify for their incentive programs. Originally available only to members of the DLC, members agreed that a public version of the list could benefit the wider building and design industries after interest in the list and in DLC membership grew."Over the last several years we have seen a growing interest in solid-state lighting (LED) products among our customers," said Jorge Marques, Manager of Technology & Innovation at BC Hydro. "This growth is reflected in the number of new SSL products available in the market. Since its launch, the DLC Qualified Products List has grown in lock-step with this broader market growth. By making this list more widely available, we hope to raise awareness of products that will be more likely to meet customers' expectations for lighting quality, performance and efficiency.""ElectraLED fully supports NEEP's decision to make the DesignLights Consortium's Qualified Products List (DLC QPL) public," said Gary G. Gatesman, Director of Engineering at ElectraLED, Inc. "By publicizing the QPL, it will enable our customers to see for themselves what products have passed DLC's rigorous requirements and data review process, as well as see what products may be available for utility company incentives in their local markets. We fully support any organization or tool that helps promote high quality, energy efficient, solid state lighting, and the DLC and QPL do that."The DLC Qualified Products List application requires manufacturers to submit demanding industry standard test data on their products. DLC analysts examine submissions, adding qualified products to the list for efficiency program administrators to access. The full list, including specifications and energy data is available to all DLC members (utilities and state and regional organizations who operate or support energy efficiency programs) to use in their programs for promoting SSL projects."The public DLC Qualified Products List benefits everyone who is interested in advancing SSL technologies," said Jon Linn, Commercial Programs Manager at NEEP. "Manufacturers submit product data once to be pre-qualified for consideration by over 20 utility and state efficiency programs throughout the Northeast, Midwest, Texas, Northwest, California and now parts of Canada. Utility efficiency program administrators can be assured that LED fixtures featured on the list are quality products that will perform as the manufacturers intend."To find out more about the DLC Qualified Products List, and view the public version of the list, visit NEEPNEEP is a non-profit organization that transforms the way we use and think about energy. Through advocacy, collaboration and education we focus on three areas where we believe energy efficiency can have the greatest impact: buildings, high efficiency products & best practices. Our unique approach helps bring together all stakeholders to accelerate energy efficiency and highlight its impacts on the region, the economy, and the planet. ABOUT the DesignLights ConsortiumThe DesignLights Consortium (DLC) is committed to bringing affordable, energy-conscious utility service and lighting design practices to the Northeast. Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Inc. (NEEP) is leading this effort to educate the marketplace, encourage energy-saving design practices, promote efficient lighting products, and develop tools to assist lighting providers. DLC sponsors are Cape Light Compact, Public Services of New Hampshire, New Hampshire Electric Co-op, New York SERDA, Long Island Power Authority, Efficiency Vermont, Efficiency Maine, NSTAR Electric, National Grid, and Western Massachusetts Electric.

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