LED lighting in public transportation vehicles market forecast

Oct. 7, 2010
Date Announced: 07 Oct 2010 Upper Lake, CA (USA) -- ElectroniCast Consultants, a leading market/technology consultancy, today announced the release of a new market research study of the global consumption of light emitting diode-lighting lamps/devices used in Public Transportation/Mass-Transit Vehicles. According to the report, the global consumption value of LED-based lamps/devices in public transportation vehicles was $799 million in 2009. During the 2009-2016 timeline, ElectroniCast forecast the consumption value to increase at an average annual rate of 12.65 percent to $1.839 billion in the year 2016 (see Figure). “For this particular project, ElectroniCast analysts studied the market trends and opportunities in public transit buses, light-rail/Tram, rapid-transit/metro/Underground, and high-speed/commuter rail,” said Theresa Hosking, vice president of sales and marketing at ElectroniCast. The market forecast is also segmented into the following product-type: • LED Linear Lamps (Tubes)• LED-based Back Light Unit (BLU) Bars for LCD Display Screens• LED Signage/Destination Sign Board Modules• Other/Miscellaneous LED Lamps and Luminaries According to the report, the Asia Pacific region (APAC) American region is forecast to maintain the lead in relative market share throughout the forecast period; however growing at a slightly slower pace than the EMEA region. “The Asia Pacific region has over 150 existing and emerging public-transit system leading the way in terms consumption value of LED-based lighting lamps/devices,” said Hans van der Tang, Director of Sales and Marketing I for the Asia Pacific region at ElectroniCast.In general, the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa countries) has been a bit slower to embrace some of the LED lighting solutions versus other regions; however, the trend is changing and the EMEA consumption is set to increase at a steady pace. The America region, especially the United States, loves the automobile with one occupant per car during the commuting process. However, pushed by many ecological concerns, economical pressures and other factors, the call for public transportation is considered an option for some commuters. Also, the America region has a relatively high LED product take-rate per mass-transit vehicle, especially in the United States and Canada. The America region is forecast to maintain strong growth, especially with the assistance of the U.S. Department of Energy green-tech stimulus funding and other programs that are supportive of LED-based lighting solutions. Also, Latin America, with an emerging modernization of public transit in the bus category, will provide new opportunities for LED producers throughout the forecast period.“Based on inputs from transit system operators, we found a high-degree of product awareness regarding the potential use of LED linear (tube) lamps in public transportation stations and vehicles. In fact, ElectroniCast recently released a separate study report specifically addressing the LED linear tube marketplace,” said Stephen Montgomery, principal analyst of LED-related projects at ElectroniCast. However, the LED linear lamp’s competitor (the fluorescent tube) is well established as a proven solution, has strong supplier channels, lower price points, etc. Of course, there are two sides to this observation (the positive points of the LED solution). ElectroniCast forecasts very strong growth for the LED linear lamp; however, the 2009 starting base (number of units and value) is very small, still in market-infancy. Also a product category at the beginning of its life cycle is the LED back light unit bars, which are used in flat screen (LCD) monitors, especially as it pertains to the use of monitors installed in public transportation vehicles. However, as with the LED linear lamp product-line, the LED back lighting unit bar product-line is beginning to demonstrate some market penetration in the public transit vehicle sector.“The use of LEDs in destination/message signage boards, however, is an established application; therefore, although there are still new opportunities in this particular product-line, the destination/message sign application is farther along in market acceptance in the public transit vehicle sector. In fact, the LED-based LCD monitor is considered a competitor for interior (vehicle) digital signage boards,” Montgomery added.Miscellaneous LED lamps, luminaries and devices in public transportation vehicle lighting applications include step-lights, reading/down-lights, instrument panel illumination, signals/indicators, headlamps, etc. This particular segment is rapidly growing; however it is not as mature on the product life cycle timeline as the digital signage category. “In public transit marketplace, as with other end-user segments such as building lighting, the cost of labor/maintenance to change burned-out bulbs is an important consideration, as well as safety issues; therefore, although LED lamps have a high price-point, there are other cost/performance issues that come into play. Add other pluses for the LED camp, such as ecologically sound (green-tech issues) and government-back funding/subsidies and regulations, the result is impressive overall growth,” Montgomery concluded.ElectroniCast Consultants – www.electronicast.com specializes in forecasting trends in technology forecasting, markets and applications forecasting, strategic planning and consulting. ElectroniCast Consultants, as a technology-based independent forecasting firm, serves industrial companies, trade associations, government agencies, communications and manufacturing companies, as well as the investment/financial community. Reduction of the risk of major investment decisions is the main benefit provided. ElectroniCast Consultants’ goal is to understand the challenges and opportunities facing clients and to provide timely, accurate information for strategic planning.

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