Watchfire installs six digital billboards in Northeastern U.S.

Oct. 12, 2010
Date Announced: 12 Oct 2010 Danville, Ill. and Indianapolis – Watchfire Digital Outdoor, manufacturer of the industry’s most reliable and best looking digital billboards, continued its expansion into the Northeastern United States with the sale and installation of six new digital billboards in four markets: Philadelphia, Reading, Pa., Atlantic City, NJ and New Haven, Conn.Keystone Outdoor installed two 19mm junior bulletins back-to-back on Route 309 at Limekiln Pike, in Cheltenham Township, close to the Philadelphia city limits. Nearly 28,000 vehicles daily travel on the four-lane road, located in a commercial area surrounded by shopping centers. According to Joe Felici of Keystone Outdoor, the digital billboards are attractive to advertisers including banks, restaurants, car dealerships, and other businesses that want to be a part of the future of advertising. Felici selected Watchfire digital billboards because he was impressed by the engineering design of the modules when compared to the competition. “I like the way Watchfire configures the diodes in the modules; they are more densely arranged and as a result the images look better than other digital billboards,” said Felici. “Compared to other digital boards in the market, Watchfire boards look sharper.”CRG Advertising installed two E-16mm bulletins in New Haven, Conn. The two billboards are on a “V” structure on I-91 between exits 8 and 9. This eight-lane highway has a traffic count of 110,000 vehicles daily and is home to many corporate offices, providing terrific exposure for advertisers. “I’ve been in the billboard business for 30 years, and digital billboards give advertisers more opportunity to change their messages and to get more creative with their displays than do traditional billboards,” said Charlie Ghione. Ghione did a lot of investigating before selecting Watchfire. “I had experience with a competitor and I was dissatisfied so I really did my homework. I was able to look inside the Watchfire unit and see how it was made, and I was impressed,” said Ghione. “The web-based software has been very easy to use. Hands down, this is a huge selling feature over Watchfire’s competition.” In addition, Ghione said the Watchfire team has been extremely helpful. “I feel confident that Watchfire will go the extra mile to help my company keep a competitive edge. I know I made the right decision going with Watchfire.” Ghione’s billboards have been live for less than 45 days and they are well on their way to being fully occupied. Advertisers include a concert promoter, restaurants, banks, retailers, auto dealers, hotels and beverage companies.One of Watchfire’s original customers, Land Displays now has five Watchfire digital billboards with the addition of a new 19mm board on Route 422 in Reading, Pa. Located in Berks County, a market of 400,000, the board is situated on the second busiest road in the county. Owner Jim Landrigan is a pioneer in the digital billboard industry. After buying digital billboards from other manufacturers, Landrigan has bought exclusively from Watchfire since 2007 because of the company’s quality and service. “Watchfire boards are the most resilient,” Landrigan said. “I get a notification from the billboard if a module detects that something may go wrong, so I know that my boards will always work. I also think Watchfire is the easiest company to work with; they are fair in their pricing and have the best service.”Outdoor Income Partners was one of the first to install a digital billboard in Atlantic City, NJ. The 19mm bulletin size billboard is located at the foot of Atlantic City Expressway at Georgia Avenue. This is a high traffic area at the entrance to Atlantic City, casinos and the famous boardwalk. Richard Grieves, of Outdoor Income Partners, said he decided on a digital billboard because advertisers like the flexibility the medium provides and also because he hopes to build a nationwide digital network that will provide advertisers the ability to display messages in multiple markets. Grieves selected Watchfire digital billboards after talking to many people in the industry, including other billboard owners. “I had the opportunity to look at the inside of a Watchfire board to see how it is manufactured and compare it to competitors,” said Grieves. “The Watchfire board is designed better and so it looks better. In addition, Watchfire’s project management and service are excellent.”For information on how other digital billboard operators are breaking the mold and finding new ways to profit, download a white paper at its True-16mm, True-19mm and new E-16mm, Watchfire has an entire line of digital billboard products to suit almost any need. Watchfire billboards have the deepest color palette in the industry and utilize state-of-the-art whole sign color calibration. Watchfire is the only manufacturer that fully encapsulates its LED module in a thick bed of silicone gel, enabling the modules to operate indefinitely even in the harshest conditions. Durability is further enhanced by Watchfire’s streamlined engineering, which focuses on driving down parts counts and connections, improving projected reliability. All Watchfire boards feature lightweight extruded aluminum cabinetry that complies with IBC 2006 standards and allows for low cost, fast installation and streamlined maintenance. Watchfire’s warranty, lead-times, customer support, and software are considered to be the best in the industry. About Watchfire Digital Outdoor Watchfire Digital Outdoor engineers and manufactures the best looking and most durable digital billboards available anywhere. The company is the digital billboard division of Watchfire by Time-O-Matic, which has been manufacturing outdoor electric signs for more than 75 years, has been manufacturing LED signs for more 10 years, and has more than 30,000 outdoor LED signs in daily operation throughout North America. Watchfire Digital Outdoor is located in Danville, Ill. with marketing and sales operations in Indianapolis.

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