Dalipower release MR16 lamps dimmable intelligent switch driver

Oct. 28, 2010
Date Announced: 28 Oct 2010 DALI9V600DIM-MR16 is a high-brightness dimmable LED MR16 drive power which work of three sections (two) dimmable, the input voltage range of 7V-40V, can effectively drive the output current of 800mA, operating frequency up to 1MHz. DALI9V330DIM constant current mode to drive one or more teeth in series LED lights, which have good reliability.DALI9V600DIM-MR16 innovative use of three sections (two) dimmable, it can be achieved three sections (two) dimmable through the toggle system power switch, so that the output current can be set 1 / 3, 2 / 3, 1 times (two sections are 1 / 3 times, 1 times) than the normal current, the initial state is the largest current can also be a minimum, every system power ON / OFF time, the output current will jump to the next state of the state . Three sections of dimmable or two sections of dimmable can choose by oneself, the application circuit is very simple, and easy dimmable operation.DALI9V600DIM-MR16 also integrates two protective functions, that is, over current and over temperature protection. If the output short-circuit or the output current reaches twice the normal operating current, the over current protection will occur. When the power supply’s temperature rises to 135 ℃, over-temperature protection allows the internal power MOSFET turned off, only when the power supply’s temperature dropped to 115 ℃, it will re-open.APPLIANCE:• DC/DC LED MR16 driver• Low voltage LED lighting used in showcase• LED replace low voltage halogen lamp• decorate LED lightingSPECIFICATION:• Three sections (two) dimmable• Efficiency>90%• Wide input voltage range:7V~40V• Constant current drive, drive current up to 800mA• Over-heat protection• Over current protection• open circuit protection• Under voltage lockout• Integrated 40V power NMOSFor more information Dalipowe, please visit http://www.daliled.com/ OUR POPULAR PRODUCTS INCLUDE: 1) 1-20W LED TRIAC built-in driver, external dimmable drive power.2) Built-in high-PF tube drive, built-in tube drive through EMC, the built-isolated lamp drivers, external fluorescent lamp drive power.3) 1-35W LED external ceiling lamp, LED down light driver, Grid lamp drive power.4) 1-15W LED built-in LED drive power open structure.

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