Phoseon Technology announces major Oregon facility expansion for UV LED curing business

Dec. 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Dec 2010 Phoseon will add significant additional capacity for manufacturing, engineering, customer support and expanded research and development efforts Phoseon Technology today announced a significant expansion of its headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon that boosts manufacturing capacity by about 50 percent. The expansion and company’s growth is driven by accelerated demand in the United States and overseas for its revolutionary ultraviolet LED technology, which is used to dry and cure products for a variety of industries ranging from printing to wood finishing to medical device manufacturing. Phoseon’s proprietary UV curing technology allows for accelerated production speeds, lower production costs and reduced energy usage when compared to previous curing methods using heat for drying or solvent evaporation. Phoseon's products - designed and manufactured in Hillsboro - are exported to markets worldwide and are rapidly displacing older mercury-based technology with Phoseon's clean energy LED semiconductor technology. The company has experienced average annual growth rates greater than 50% and expects this growth to accelerate over the coming years as UV-LED systems become more predominant. Since its founding in 2002, Phoseon has rapidly grown from an Oregon start-up into the world leader in clean energy UV-LED curing solutions.Effective in January, Phoseon is expanding its Hillsboro manufacturing center and administrative offices from about 13,000 square feet to about 20,000 square feet. That additional floor space will increase both manufacturing and administrative capacity by about 50 percent.“We are very happy to announce this expansion of our Oregon headquarters and manufacturing facility” commented Bill Cortelyou, Phoseon President & CEO. “Phoseon is a true Oregon success story – Oregon entrepreneurs and significant Oregon venture funding have made the success possible. We plan to continue to grow in Oregon – bringing much needed manufacturing, engineering and other professional job opportunities to the local economy.”“Inside Phoseon Technology’s purple boxes is a small-scale industrial cleantech revolution,” Cortelyou added. Phoseon’s proprietary UV-LED based semiconductor light matrix (SLMTM) technology, packaged in the company's signature purple containers, provides the environmentally cleanest, highest performing and most efficient UV curing systems commercially available.The expansion will include significant additional capacity for manufacturing as well as additional office and laboratory space for expanded Engineering and R&D programs. It will also include a state-of-the-art UV curing process development laboratory where customers can work co-operatively in testing curing capability of UV curable material formulations. About Phoseon Technology Inc. Phoseon Technology is the world leader in clean energy UV LED curing solutions for industrial applications. Phoseon’s products enable faster, cleaner, and more efficient industrial processes for UV curing of photopolymers in adhesives, inks, and coatings. Founded in 2002, Phoseon is a US based corporation with worldwide sales and support and is headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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