Belgian company Alldeco installs PAS-NGL-MR16 with High CRI

Dec. 14, 2010
Date Announced: 14 Dec 2010 Belgian company Alldeco (Aalst)prefers PAS-NGL-MR16 6W lights out of four kinds of quality LED.The PAS-NGL-MR16 was in the race with 4 competitors. The PAS-NGL MR16 came out as best. The very bright and uniform light with a CRI of 0.92 makes the difference when small details and vivid colors are crucial.Alldeco displays over 2,500 colorfull furnitures in a 1,000m² showroom. Hundreds of HID and MR 16 are used now for lighting up the showroom. All the actual 100 Watts HID will also be replaced with 40 Watt LED downlights. The old fashioned 50 watt Halogens will now be replaced before end of year with PAS-NGL-MR-16 6 Watt. PAS-NGL is very happy with the objective decision. Alldeco installed also 35 PAS-NGL-LED T8 150 cm tubes in a pilot project for evaluation. There are about 600 TL T8 in storage which can be replaced with LED and save 70% on power consumption.

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