IESNA recognizes Osram Sylvania LED products in the 2010 progress report

Dec. 15, 2010
Date Announced: 15 Dec 2010 Danvers, Mass. – The Progress Committee of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) included eight Osram Sylvania products in its 2010 report of innovative industry developments. The North American lighting leader had the most LED products acknowledged for significant advancement to lighting and accepted into the IES Progress Report. These LED products, along with several Osram Sylvania high efficient traditional products accepted, are scheduled to be presented at the IESNA Annual Conference, next week in Toronto, Canada. “We’re so pleased and honored to have so many of our LED products entered into the IES Progress Report,” said Tom Shottes, Senior Vice President and General Manager of NAFTA Professional Solid State Lighting. “We will continue our commitment to leading the charge toward SSL technology and acceptance.”The Progress Committee was established to keep a constant tab on the developments in the art and science of lighting, presenting annual findings to the entire IES. The committee collects hundreds of submittals annually for placement in the IES Progress Report. These submittals are organized into one of seven categories: light source, accessory, luminaire, research, application, publication and design tool. Then the committee evaluates all entries using design, engineering characteristics, installation features and overall uniqueness as grading criteria. Here are the Osram Sylvania LED products selected for 2010 inclusion:• D6 Area Light LED Retrofit Kit: an alternative to high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps up to 175W and can be installed in fixtures with pole heights up to 30 feet. The directional light distribution of high power LEDs allows the delivery of light only where needed, reducing wasted light and minimizing light trespass and upward emissions. • LEDstixx® Lighting System: delivers energy-saving, environmentally responsible, high-quality retail display lighting optimized for the vertical freezer case application. LEDstixx is designed to provide convenient installation in medium bi-pin sockets. This product is the only bi-pin LED lamp available specifically for this application and features an optical assembly which delivers best in class light uniformity for product shelving. • DL1100 Directional LED Light Engine: the first commercially available directional light engine to incorporate on board thermal protection as required by the National Electric Code, eliminating the need for luminaire manufacturer to provide separate thermal protection. The DL1100 light engine consists of 24 high brightness LEDs on a metal core circuit board which consumes 18 watts, delivers 1530 lumens and is available in 3000 and 3500K correlated color temperatures with 85 CRI. • DLM1100: an integrated LED Directional light module which incorporates a housing that serves as reflector and heat sink and diffuser. This product is a line extension to a similar product featured in the 2009 Progress Report which is now 28 percent more efficient than the previous model. This module is intended to be incorporated into luminaires by others. • HF2 Narrow Stick: LED module which was previously accepted in the 2009 Report now module now has CRI improved from 70 to 85 with higher lumens and increased LPW efficacy of 62. The LED module is comprised of a closely packed array of small, discrete LEDs on narrow boards less than 5/8" wide. Intended for incorporation in luminaires by others, these modules are designed to provide highly uniform, intense illumination. • Exterior LED light engine: a modular and compact, delivering high lumen output, small size and simple integration into luminaires. The Exterior Light Engine is available with seven or fourteen high-brightness LEDs on a metal core board and features unique bi-level dimming. The module is available in different drive currents, which yield different lumen levels. Conformal coating provides protection against dust, moisture and condensation allowing the exterior light engine to be combined with a variety of housings and optics. • OPTOTRONIC Controllable LED power supply: is the highest efficiency, non-Class 2, dimmable type available in the industry at 90% efficiency. The highest efficiency achieved from similar types is 83%. The power supplies are electronically stabilized and developed to operate constant current LED modules with non-Class 2 circuits and controlled with 0-10V dimmers. The power supply is rated for up to 40 watts, accepts input voltage ranging from 120-277 volts and delivers a 350mA output. • Ultra A-Line 12-watt LED Lamp: 60W equivalent product delivers 810 lumens at 12 watts, which represents an 80 percent increase over the nearest LED A-lamps available in the marketplace. Other attributes of this energy saving, incandescent alternative are dimming capability from 100% to 10%, 2700K color temperature, 90 CRI and 25,000 hours average rated life. About Osram SylvaniaOsram Sylvania is a leader in lighting solutions that feature innovative design and energy saving technology. The company sells products for homes, businesses and vehicles primarily under the Sylvania brand name, and also under the Osram brand. Headquartered in Danvers, Mass., Osram Sylvania is the North American operation of Osram GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens AG. For more information, visit

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