J&C Technology introduces haze meter

Dec. 21, 2010
Date Announced: 21 Dec 2010 Haze meter has been widely used for analyzing the light scattering properties of plastic sheets, film, glass, and liquid products. Some institutes even used for studying the air pollution by analyzing the surface contamination of the window glass. Towards the hottest subjects in optoelectronic field at the moment, LED lighting and solar cell, haze meter also has its own position.Wavelength range is 350nm ~ 950nm(NIR) to be able cover part of solar cell.In the application of the LED lighting, the control of how the light spread and the control of the color rendering index (CRI) are important. Besides the design of the LED light source itself, the design of the lighting fixture and the use of the diffuser are the important factors. To utilize the diffuser, the knowledge of the diffusers' light scattering properties is essential. It accomplishes a perfect solution on optical property analysis in combination with our Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function System (Model: RT-300S).On the other hand, the glass or mirror used with the solar cell must have high transmittance/reflectance, also weather-ability. Understanding the light scattering of the glass/mirror at different weather condition, one can optimize the usage of these components.Haze Meter, by J&C Technology, feature is 1st The spectro haze meter quantifies the visual perception with objective measurement data. - Total spectral transmittance - Spectral Transmission haze - See-through quality2nd Reliable Measurement of Variety of application- Open sample area for small and large specimens- Ready for measurement without warm-up time- Extended capability to analyze IR- Automatic and long-term calibration allow easy and fast operation- Operation in English

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